Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Love thy neighbor…

Or not.



Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is there something weird about the way that article was written? Did Harris copy and paste too much?

wordbones said...

You know I thought the same thing until I figured out that Haydukes link took me to the second page of the story rather than the first.

It read much better after I figured that out.

What I can't figure out is why one of these two families won't simply move.

Hayduke said...

Sorry about that. The link is fixed.

Anonymous said...

Personalities not withstanding, a contributing factor certainly may be flag lots, which often allow putting a home (or homes) where it feels like it is in someone else's back yard, with the home in back equalling feeling like someone has a home in their front yard. As a result, each home can't help but notice what's going on at the other home.

The proximity may have seemed ok at first, but, hypothetically speaking, there's little hope of escaping neighbors perceived as annoying when the lots are too small.

Flag lots are one of the fun little tools used in "smart growth"'s infill zoning that don't work out so well in practice.

Anonymous said...

Flag lots contribute to the conflict, which likely has multiple sources of fuel.

The one neighbor has attempted to sell, but may have changed course due to property value not being what was expected after putting his house closer to the road to accommodate the pool which is now not allowed.

Too often, the court system and bodies like the River Hill representatives keep a conflict going. Win at any cost becomes the goal when investments in conflicts and court action are made. For example, chairs are not a "structure", and now those residents believe they must redeem a wrong decision, more conflict. Each time a small injustice is supported, more conflict follows. Bad decisions are like waving a red flag in the face of an angry bull, senseless.

This is now a situation in which mediation would be a waste of time. These people need black and white justice, not more conflict. Both need to be straightened out regarding where their rights end, something the court will likely never do. It's a crime.

Anonymous said...

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