Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday Round Up: Morning Edition!

I'm not ready to offer my final recap on the storm and Weatherman Accountability. There is still a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of hope for some left over slop to come through, which probably won't much change the final tally (about 3" - 3.5" of snow/sleet or sneet) but might be fun to see. However, given the overall predominance of sleet last night, the forecasters with higher snow/sleet accumulations (mainly the Baltimore stations and would seem to be the winners. Final assessment later (maybe tomorrow).

Remember, you can check the status of county roads and plows online.

Anyway, just a few quick items before I dive head first into work that I get paid to do.

Still no decision on the Tower. Part of the case is now before a judge and it just keeps dragging on.

Planning director to stick around. I'm actually kind of surprised by this, given the amount of grief she's taken over the last several years.

New senior tax bill proposed.


numbers.girl said...

That map is annoying. Why can't they label the roads? Mine is easy enough to find, but I can't imagine trying to find where the heck my office is located.

Anonymous said...

Ball is the man! He really shows that he can stay on an issue until it's resolved. Let's see if he can rally two more votes.