Friday, July 06, 2007

Someone came and washed away your hard-earned peace of mind...

Maybe you've noticed, or maybe not, but things have been quiet around here this week. Not for lack of effort, however. I've sat down to write nearly every night, but thus far haven't been able to say just what I want to say.

It's been a strange week. The pleasant temperatures (for July, anyway) and the midweek holiday framed a few deeper personal happenings, among them the death of a friend from what seems like another life, the approach of the big 3-0 and something else that I haven't figured out how to explain yet.

On balance, I'm fine and there's no need to worry or sympathize, but rather than navigate around the uncertainty, questions and emotions, I decided to embrace them, which makes for a mindset not suited to pithiness and sarcasm (i.e. blogging). I'm only writing now out of a bizarre compulsive need to broadcast personal details about my life.

There is much for me to be excited about in the coming weeks and much of it I'll share on this blog -- maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, but definitely soon.

Now, I need to go spend a lot of money at Home Depot. Yay, power tools!


macsmom said...

I'm very curious...also sending positive vibes your way!

Candace Dodson Reed said...

So sorry about your friend...

I'm curious as well...(wink,wink)