Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's getting better all the time...

Just a quick update on the Husky...

He seems to be getting back to normal, though he's still hobbling around on three legs. Complicating the healing process is the fact that he actually had work done on both hind legs. The right was the torn ACL, and the left had a fat deposit that need to be removed.

An indicator of his improving health and morale: Last night, when we got back from Trader Joe's (see below), he bounced out of his crate to come sniff through all the bags (Inspector Husky, we call it -- there's even a little song). He loves doing this, mostly because we occasionally hide a toy for him in there.

He's also lobbying hard for more outside time, but that will have to wait until the wound closes and some of the hair grows back. Not because I don't want him getting it dirty -- he's on enough antibiotics right now to kill all the bacteria in Columbia -- but because I don't want to freak out people walking by. Serioulsy, it's pretty nasty looking.


Anonymous said...

Is he taking his medicine yet?

Melissa Covolesky & Merlin said...

Holy Cow, I need to keep up with our local blogs. I had never heard about this dog injury before this summer, but have since learned that it is one of the most common injuries there is. Its even more common than hip dysplasia. Our Husky, Merlin, is recovering nicely now. He's at the 2 month point after having his ACL repaired in NC. He, at 12 years old, thought he'd show us how cool he is and jumped over the hammock out in the yard. It was like slow motion. Dave and I both running towards him yelling, "NNOOOO" but he did it and pulled up lame.

We knew immediately what he did. How, might you ask, since we had never heard of this before? Because our Fat Hurricane Katrina Rescue Lab, Buddy, tore his ACL earlier this summer and had to have it repaired. About 2 weeks after that surgery, his other knee tore and we had a fairly immobile 140lb lump on our hands. With both legs shaved and a morphine patch on his side - we learned lot about this injury. (Not that Buddy is an athlete, mind you... that thought just makes me laugh)

We had all three surgeries done in NC. Yes, it's a drive, but nearly $1000 cheaper per leg and as it turned out, quite necessary for us since we have dubbed this the summer of dog knees! I even called the vet hospital before Thanksgiving and asked if they were having any Black Friday Specials since we've nearly put another wing on their facility lately! (Alas, no...)

So, I was quite surprised that your little guy is suffering from the same ailment. Hopefully he recovers as quickly as our terror, Merlin. He's back to sleeping on the guest bed (needs a step stool) and the hair is starting to grow back nicely. Buddy, at 6 and 6 1/2 months post surgey has actually broken a bone in one of the legs and is again on full bedrest. Otherwise, the surgeries themselves were successes and are holding up well. At 70lbs the husky just doesn't have the weight issue as the lab and has 3 good legs - so yours should be OK too.

Well, sorry for the Novel, but we seem to have many parrallels (Our birthdays are a day apart, we both have Huskys that are spoiled rotten, into politics...) so this was almost too much!!

Good luck keeping him still though when he needs to rest!!

Anonymous said...

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