Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's been a long, long, long time...

So, yeah, what’s happening, hot stuff?

I think the past three weeks have probably been the busiest three weeks of my life. Between work work (I’ve taken over a colleague’s job while she’s on maternity leave and its budget season), house work, other people’s house work, a little bit of kickball and a whole lot of other stuff, I have barely had time to read others’ blogs, let alone think about adding things to my own. Thankfully, things seem to be pretty quite around these parts, so I haven’t missed much.

To be sure, I’ve thought about things I want to write about and may get around to more substantive posts soon, but for now here’s an announcement about something else that I’ve (probably foolishly) decided to put on my plate: Some friends and I are putting together a Beatles cover band to play the Oakland Mills’ 40th birthday party on June 28. My friends are great musicians (me, I get by with a little help from them) and huge Beatles fans, so I can guarantee a great show or your money back. Seriously, you should come out – you’ll get a chance to hear some good music (there are other bands playing, too) and show some support to East Columbia’s (a.k.a. the real Columbia) oldest village.

All for now. More soon.


Mary Kate Murray said...

Ian Kennedy, mild mannered county government super hero by day, and talented mop top by 40th birthday weekend! :) We are truly psyched to have you and your buds play.

So I'll take this opportunity for gratuitous advertising for the whole kick butt weekend. Here's the 40th Weekend Line Up. Don't forget to mark your calendars.

Friday Night 1968 Movie - 7PM FREE @ The Other Barn - vote for which one we'll show -

Saturday - OM Fest - Music/Food/Fun in the Courtyard with Birthday Cake! 12 - 3PM FREE (STARRING IAN KENNEDY!!)

Saturday Night - Family Disco Night in the newly renovated Loft! 7PM - 11PM Fabulous disco and 70's music, DJ, MC, games, contests, prizes, slide show of awesome OM pics through the years, fun stuff for kids, snacks & beverages, retro candy, and a mirror ball! Tickets in advance $5 adults, $2.50 kids. At the door $8 adults, $4 kids. Buy tickets in advance at or The Other Barn.

Tell us what 70s/Disco songs are a must play and we'll tell our DJ.

Sunday - Oakland Mills Farmers Market with Street Musicians! - Nine merchants including two delicoius bakeries, a coffee vendor with South American coffee, gorgeous flowers, fresh veggies and fruit 9 - 1

Sunday Night - Kick off of the Oakland Mills 2008 "Jazz in the Mills" Music Series featuring the fabulous Lavenia Nesmith. Buy tickets in advance at

It's gonna be quite a weekend! It would be very cool if you could join us. :)

Mary Kate Olsen said...

MKM- It is somewhat discourteous and uncivil to refer to someone online by their real name unless that is how they refer to themselves online. Just because you happen to know someone’s real name does not give you license to use it.

Abzug said...

The people in Oakland Mills are awesome! This link came in the OM newsletter today. It is a video put together by Sandy Cederbaum, OM Village Manager and Ben Hunter, OM Community Organizer, to get people psyched for disco night.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to put on my Boogie Shoes, My My My My My, Boogie Shoes!

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