Monday, April 03, 2006

Life just ain't fair...

Happy Cooler Day!

For those of you too lazy to click the link, Cooler Day celebrates the greatest sports day of the year. Today -- the first Monday in April -- serves as the beginning of the baseball season, the end of March Madness (for the men, anyway), and the first day of Masters week -- the first major in the PGA season. Coupled with these significant occurrences is the fact that we've just pushed the clocks ahead an hour -- something I very much lamented this morning -- giving us more light in the evening -- when we'll actually put it to use.

While I toiled away in the office on Cooler Day 2006, Abbzug had the pleasure of attending Opening Day at Camden Yards. A friend of ours scored a couple of tickets Southwest Airlines -- probably because he is the sole reason their BWI to Norfolk flights turn a profit. Since they were free tickets, neither Abbzug nor our friend knew where they would be seated.

Usually, I wouldn't be jealous of her attending the game without me, as she and I have received tickets to more than our fair share of Opening Days. However, when she sent me a camera phone picture taken from the front row, directly behind home plate, I could no longer contain myself.

Life just ain't fair...

Oh, well. The O's won and, for now at least, share first place in The Toughest Division in Baseball.

And the Terps made it past UNC last night, setting up for a championship game against, who else, Duke.

Let's Go Terps!

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