Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Round Up: Lazy Edition

I'm feeling extremely lazy today. Vacations, however short, will do that to you.

With that in mind, here's a Sunday Round Up, Instapundit-style, which means one or two sentence (or word) takes on the news. I'm sorry, but it's all I have in me. More tomorrow, perhaps with expanded coverage of some of the stories linked to here.

I for one welcome our new corporate overlord, GGP VP Douglas Godine.

Robey releases record capital budget of more than $330 billion...Howard County Blog #1 analyzes trends and looks at school funding.

Politics, Shmolitics: The county's self-identified independent voters are increasing in number but not cohesion; Rakes' final day on the council; and dressing up fundraising events as something that might, possibly, under the right conditions be construed as fun.

Affordable housing, better police pay, and increased public safety all in one piece of legislation. Not too shabby.

Many letters on Belmont.

Town Center delays elections in effort to ensure everyone can actually vote. That's a novel idea. More here.

Two county bills aim to increase number of affordable houses. Those in need of affordable housing collectively shrug.

Are you kidding me?

Good luck to UMD's women's basketball team in their game tonight against UNC.

Finally, hope springs eternal (or at least until tomorrow night): Let's Go O's!


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