Monday, April 02, 2007

I don't care if I ever get back...

Once again the Greatest Day of the Year is upon us. Cooler Day. Since the Orioles' game just started, I won't waste time waxing nostalgic about this special day, but if you're really interested in why today is what it is, here's last year's post with a link to the source of its official name.

So, it seems skateboarding has become an issue in Dorsey's Search. Riders, parents of riders, and poseurs, you can rest assured that, if elected to the Columbia Council, I will be a strong advocate for skateboarding, a sport I hold dear to my heart.

Though it may not sound like it, I'm pretty serious about this. I grew up skateboarding... a lot (and still think about picking it back up from time to time). I never got really good at it, but I enjoyed doing it immensely and still think it's a great "free" (parent-less) activity for kids and teenagers. And I think to some extent, the fact that kids can skate without needing parents -- for rides, coaching, fees, etc. -- is what makes it appealing. Which is why the answer to the problems in Dorsey Search is not entirely more skate parks, but rather, a less heavy-handed approach to street skating. While we need to be cognizant of liability and safety concerns, we can't let them dictate everything we do.

Mark your calendars! Two events to take note of:

The Oakland Mills Candidates Forum is Tuesday, April 10 at 8 pm at The Other Barn in -- surprise -- the Oakland Mills Village Center. Even if you don't live in my village, you should come. Fun will be had by all (maybe).

For a guaranteed good time, check this out. It's "Hula Hoopers for Ian Kennedy" at the Blue Cow Cafe in Thunder Hill on Wednesday, April 11. Most campaign events are, let's be honest, lame. This one won't be. Come by, hula with a hoop, enjoy a nice spring evening and the Blue Cow fare, and have your picture taken with the Best Dog in the World. We'll be there from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

Finally, a simple request. I'm looking for a new dentist. It seems the dentists I've had were either really good and really expensive or cheap and just OK. I'm looking for someone in between. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You have my son's vote. Unfortunately he's only 14. From my perspective, banning skateboarding is crazy talk. What are they thinking, and who is responsible?

The dentist question is much, much more difficult. I've been to so many (many) bad ones. The only good one I had was an orthodontist, an hour away.

wordbones said...

I really like my dentist. His name is Bill DeLong and he has an ofice in Dorseys Search near the village center.
Interestingly, he is also a licensed acupuncturist.

Kristine L said...

I like Dr. Barry Dahl located in one of the twin buildings in Wilde Lake. Smart guy. Affordable. Nice.