Monday, August 06, 2007

I've been walking the streets at night...

When I took the new job, I made a promise to myself that I'd post something on the blog at least once a week; my last post was exactly a week ago.

There's a lesson about human nature somewhere in that statement.

On a somewhat related note, I've always thought that I have a finite amount of words in me each day and that attempts to cross that threshold will always end in disappointment. I now know that to be true.

Since I'm nearing today's word limit, I'll keep this brief.

In case you haven't heard, there was some big news on the Turf Valley front. Freemarket's got the details.

Meanwhile, Wordbones started a new blog to chronicle the development of an office building in Emerson that he's overseeing. I think this will be a fascinating look into a world some of us like to think we already understand (really, we don't).

Finally, I'm still thinking about ways to spice up this blog while I'm busy, in Jessie's words, "calibrating himself and his blog to his new job." One idea that has popped up in my mind (and others') is to turn this blog into a family affair. Since Little Duke (my brother) is now a resident of this fair city -- and one of the original readers of this blog -- maybe we can convince him to weigh in on the news of the day. It's not like he's got anything else to do, after all (sitting around in his underwear learning old Dream Theater songs doesn't count).


Anonymous said...

Were you at the town meeting? Was it as brutal as everyone says?

Hopefully Ulman will be better prepared now that you are on board.

hayduke said...

I was there and I wouldn't say it was brutal at all. The Sun's headline "Forum bigger, angrier than expected" didn't really seem to fit with the substance of the article or the tone of the evening. Aside from a few angry folks, I thought people were generally positive -- even when they disagreed -- and all seemed to appreciate the fact that this forum existed.

Not to sound too much like a brown noser, but I was actually really impressed with how Ulman conducted himself -- he answered all questions and addressed concerns for over three hours in a room that lacked sufficient air conditioning. Everyone who wanted had a chance to speak.

My $0.02, for what they're worth.

jim adams said...

Hayduke, your a good man with a fine intellect, and wonderful writing skills, and may I also add, a good and generous heart. My wish for you is that politics will not make you a cynical man.

p.s.thanks for keeping the speakers in good working order at Ken Ulman's picnic, Saturday.

Horseshoe Champion said...

Your brother wears underwear? Well I like to hear from people with different perspectives and habits. Let’s have a guest post!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there, so I can't direcly comment regarding the forum's brutality. I only spoke to one person who agreed with the original assessment. He said that Ulman was not a statesman, but rather overmatched and overwhelmed.

little duke said...

I dont know how much interest there would be in hearing comments on the local news from a guy who sits around in his underwear all day. While that time has given me better control of the fretboard than "Big Duke," I did so at the expense of acquiring the writing and policy-analyzing skills that Hayduke is so well-known for.

Having only been in this fair town for a month, I think my comments would fall more into realm of a Cranky in Columbia kind of blog. I haven't really followed a whole lot of the political world in HoCo, but I can tell you:

1: the lack of dedicated drug stores (ie, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid) is lame. I hate going to Giant or Target to get my drugs. And they all have crummy hours.

2: The Long Reach Exxon is a great place to buy beverages (see Hayduke's next post). Of the 4 gas stations in that area (the two on Dobbin by the Wal-Mart and the one by the Old Navy), only the Long Reach Exxon carries

a. Slim-Fast (i like my meals in liquid form)
b. Diet Rip-It Energy drinks (only $1.09 -- up from $.99!)

Srat O. Caster said...

Speaking of the fretboard, where is the best place to take guitar lessons (preferably in Columbia or Western Howard)? Other than being able to finger a few basic chords, I suck. I would love to get better.

Anonymous said...


You may need to trek to Catonsville. Bill's has excellent teachers. You might try Josh Rhettenmeyer - fantastic, and can do ANYTHING. Can't say enough good about Josh.

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