Monday, October 29, 2007

Here come old flattop...

Just a couple quick notes on the first fall-like day of 2007…

I know others have already posted about this story, but I can't help myself. How's this for coming together to work for the common good?

After a chance encounter followed by a friendly chat and a later lunch date, County Executive Ken Ulman has submitted former rival Christopher J. Merdon's name to the County Council for appointment to the county's new revenue authority. The nomination will be formally introduced Nov. 5.
With his title, Freemarket paints a hilarious picture, while Wordbones gives it some additional context:
This speaks well for both men. It is not that often that we see this type of post election collaboration after what can be conservatively described as a nasty campaign. Nicely done!

In other news, here's an excellent piece about my old employer, Enterprise Community Partners. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of news in the story, but it does provide a good overview of what Enterprise does (hint: not renting cars) and what it has accomplished.

Unfortunately, two of the most interesting tidbits didn't make the story, but reporter Jamie Smith Hopkins nonetheless makes them public through a couple blog posts.

The first one reveals Jim Rouse's preferred name for Enterprise (The Robin Hood Trust), while the second discusses Enterprise Chairman Bart Harvey's idea to eliminate or reduce the mortgage interest tax deduction and use the money to pay for affordable housing, something I wrote about when he first floated the idea almost a year ago at a speech at Harvard. Now, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is on affordable housing and therefore, would support such a move (not like it will ever happen), assuming it wouldn't totally tank my finances. My house, dog, appliances, and cars, to name but some, are doing a good job of that already.

Finally, it's almost here! The new Trader Joe's opens on Friday! Too bad for me. I'll be in beautiful western Maryland, soaking up the cold air and what's left of the fall foliage.


Anonymous said...

Great post about Enterprise and affordable housing. I hope everyone in Columbia reads it.

It helps remind us that affordable housing was key to the Rouse vision. It seems like a lot of Columbians who have been here for a while have forgotten that while they still beat the drum of the Rouse vision. It's like the people who only follow the parts of the Bible they like or are comfortable with.

wordbones said...

I have awaited the arrival of a Trader Joes for years. In fact, over ten years ago I travelled to Massachusetts to meet with their east coast real estate guy. I tried to convince him that he'd knock the cover off the ball in the Baltimore Washington market. He acknowledged that they'd come here...some day.
Some day is Friday.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Trader Joe's has been in the Baltimore/Washington area for a number of years now. I go to the one in Owings Mills regularly. I don't know why it took them so long to build one in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

gaithersburg is a nice location too.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring

Bethesda has two TJs

Towson has a large one

Virginia and DC's are better, because they can sell cheap wine and beer

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