Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hypnotized, mesmerized by what my eyes have found...

This might not be the most cogent post I've ever written, but whatever. For the sake of my good name I think I need to say something.

You see, it all started when I had the gall, the nerve, to write a pretty straightforward post with a pretty straightforward message. Here's the post I'm talking about. Most people with decent reading comprehension skills could probably figure out what I was trying to say, but just in case, here are two bullet points that sum it up.

  • Big box stores are a fact of life that I have grudgingly come to accept as, on the whole, pretty good, and;
  • There are ideas and examples of better ways of dealing with them that mitigate some of their bad stuff and that we as a community could consider implementing
Clearly, it's not rocket science or, I would think, particularly controversial, but judging from some of the responses, I am a very poor drawer of conclusions.

Not only did the post raise the ire of at least one anti-Big Box person, but my dear old friend Tom Berkhouse took it as a proof of something nefarious. Because I rarely read closely what Berkhouse has to say (I gotta look out for what's best for my psyche, after all), I'm not sure entirely what he was trying to prove. However, I believe he used my conclusion that Big Boxes aren't all bad to prove yet again that I am a hypocrite of the highest order.

A few years ago when I was trying to save Merriweather from an owner that apparently never intended to close it down (right, Tom?), I opposed potential Big Box development in Town Center. Which clearly means that, at the time, I hated all Big Boxes, regardless of location, while the post from the other day means that, today, I love them, regardless of location. Silly me, I thought I could have it both ways -- that is, Big Boxes in appropriate areas (car-friendly Snowden/Dobbin) and no Big Boxes in inappropriate areas (people-friendly downtown Columbia).

There is only love and hate in this world, after all. Take your wishy-washy BS somewhere else, chief.

Sorry. Lesson learned.

If only it would have ended with the incessant need of Mr. Berkhouse to make it All About Town Center (and by extenison the evilness of me and Ken Ulman), but it didn't. Some crafty anonymous commenter decided to call Mr. Berkhouse by another name in an attempt to "out" him, or expose his true identity. By failing to respond in due course to this bit of pettiness, I tacitly endorsed such actions and, again, demonstrated absolute proof of my hypocrisy, at least according to David Keelan.

Mr. Keelan took it upon himself to admonish me for failing to admonish someone whose identity I still have yet to ascertain and who may or may not have ascertained the identity of Mr. Berkhouse. Normally, this would just be a failure to enforce the Choose Civility edict in effect for The Howard County Blogs, but since I had the nerve to question Mr. Keelan's decision to entrap a previous anonymous commenter over a year ago, I just demonstrated a "double standard."

Mr. Keelan drags up this comment of mine from Back in the Day:
I do want to say that I strongly disagree with David Keelan’s decision to expose the true identity of a commenter he doesn’t like, and one with whom I disagree (and am frustrated by) regularly. Regardless of how you feel about her, David’s decision sets an ugly precedent. Commenter’s [sic] can be held to different standards depending on their views and the threat of tracing identities through IP address (which are available for all to see by looking at the Site Meter reports — see bottom of the page) looms over all. Such things help stifle diverse debate and might prevent many worthy commenter’s [sic] from participating.

(Note: The [sic]s are mine, added to what Keelan posted, as I used proper grammar in my original comment. See here.)

My thoughts on involuntary outing remain the same. I still think it's wrong and wish the anonymous commeter didn't do it. But I have no idea what I was supposed to do in this case. Immediately delete the comment? Right, then I'd get in trouble for patrolling my blog on government time. Oh, and I'd probably be in trouble for failing to allow free speech, as has happened in the past when I deleted totally unsubstantiated rumors (coincidentally, written by Mr. Berkhouse). I also caused quite a fervor when I tried to get everyone to use a pseudonym because I was limiting speech.

Damned either way, I suppose.

It's also pretty funny that this was not the first time somebody tried to guess the real identity Tom Berkhouse. Indeed, the first such instance was on Mr. Keelan's blog and his response to the commenter was just as lame, if not more so, than my non-response:
Thanks for posting. Your inaugural post is telling. I am sure we can rely on you for more interesting and insightful commentary. Keep up the fine work anonymous Slim.
Look, I don't really care if Mr. Keelan wants to call me out on his blog; I just wish he would be more direct about it. If he thinks my failure to act was shady, come out and say it. Instead, we get this:
The people trying to out Berkhouse are treating Tom as if he did something terrible like threatened a county employee for trying to shut off his water for non-payment or something when in fact all Tom does is forcefully and at times very forcefully expresses a strong difference of opinion with Ian. At times Tom will criticise [sic] Ian for what Tom perceives to be a twisting of the facts in order to reach a desired conclusion. Tom is often (not always) rather enjoyable to read and makes good points but often (if not always) fails to elicit a reaction from Ian. So in fairness to Ian perhaps Ian is just simply ignoring all commenter’s [sic]. Perhaps Ian is too busy with his new job which is perfectly understandable. I have a full time job too, a family, and I just started an MBA program (which is going great so far) so I understand finding time to stay up on the local scene and one’s blog isn’t easy.

Yes, I'm busy. But, frankly, I don't have the time or the inclination to get involved in these silly bloggy squabbles (says the guy writing over 1000 words about one -- I know), rehashing the same arguments, fighting the same fight. If anonymous and semi-anonymous commenters can't discuss things without feeling offended or offending others, perhaps they should spend more time with puppies or flowers. I'm nobody's mother.

It's also kind of sad that Mr. Keelan finds the need to again apologize for completely inappropriate behavior from Mr. Berkhouse (lies, character attacks, etc.). I know a lot of people like to disagree with me about a lot of stuff and some of my more vocal critics likely revel in the treatment I receive from the resident jerk. But in a community like ours, the fact that Mr. Berkhouse still has a group of people that accept and condone his vile words is pretty lame. Disagree all you want, that's fine. But is it too much to ask that you do it with some class?

Finally, there's a lot of stuff going on locally right now that hasn't been talked about at all, yet time gets spent on this? Please, discuss and argue about the big stuff and leave the drama to the high schoolers. Continuing to worry about which anonymous person said what about some other anonymous only dooms our little blogging enterprise to irrelevance.

Speaking of irrelevance, the icing on the cake of this whole thing is that -- as I told someone recently -- my blog is about two steps away from reading like a little girl's diary. Over my "two weeks" of silence I've only had two ideas for posts -- one about the rather large amount of acorns falling on my house and the other about my awesome dog. I'm being totally serious. There's a ton of acorns coming off our big oak and my dog is freaking awesome (for instance, he recently started "talking" in his sleep, which is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen).

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write either post and my silence on the subjects is probably proof of my true disdain for oak trees and huskies.


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather hear about acorns and dogs on your blog than about issues that generate so much vitriol, like Big Boxes in Columbia. Blogs in general can foster dialogue, provide new information and points of view, and be useful in that respect. On the other hand, they also seem to be a place where a few people, in isolation and anonomously, can vent and do harm to others and otherwise add nothing to creating order in our lives, providing enlightenment, making us laugh, inspiring us, etc. On balance, I seriously doubt that political blogs (such as daily kos, talkingpointsmemo, etc.) make our lives better. So please, Hayduke, don't hestitate one minute to write about acorns, the Husky, a new fence around the yard, cool nights, and long bike rides around Columbia.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the support for writing about acorns and dogs. It seems that in the past 10 years or so the political dialogue in this country has increasingly degenerated into personal attacks and generalizations as opposed to arguing view points on their own merits. It doesn't matter how you win a battle, but that you win. It seems it is no different on the local blogosphere. These sort of attacks have been around as long as there have been governments, but it seems that they have been given more legitimacy as of late, as opposed to the ranting of extremists that most would rather not be identified with. This mainstreaming of extremist hatemongering is almost as apparent in local politics as it is in national news networks and talkshows. It is rather sad, but I feel that it will eventually reach it's saturation point, relegating it back to it's original small and ignorantly hateful audience. It really hurts David's credibility to defend Tom in saying "Tom is often (not always) rather enjoyable to read and makes good points but often (if not always) fails to elicit a reaction from Ian." Anyone who has read his comments knows better and sees Tom for the hateful basher that he is. Why Tom is like this is a whole other thing to debate.

So, I say write about Dogs, and trees, and flowers and little kitty cats. Maybe Tom will attack your dog for being a hypocrit(e). I think most likely, the hater will find someone else to hate. There's always Hillary!

J. Newburn said...

People are a lot more civil when they use their real names (or a pseudonym) that links to an online profile with information about themselves.

I know you accept anonymous comments. Obviously. Buy you can change your policy, and you can take a step toward greater civility and more thoughtful comments on your blog.

I really like you, personally. And I really like your blog. And I understand each blogger makes his or her own decisions about things such as commenter policy and terms of service.

Perhaps it might be time to revisit your own decisions about what you do and don't accept on your blog in terms of comments and user identities. It's also OK to ban people. It really is. Just like in your home, you're never required to extend hospitality to someone whose company is offensive. So it is with your blog.

That's my two yen on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

"People are a lot more civil when they use their real names (or a pseudonym)...."

I don't think that is universally true. There are some people who post very civilly and anonymously on the local blogs. And there are some people who have used their real names when posting some uncivil words. On those occasions where someone does post something untoward, the words speak for themselves, are obviously discounted, and easily (and civilly) rebutted.

I've also seen some blogs that decline anonymous comments where there's far more vitriol than here. Accordingly, those blogs I rarely, if ever, read and feel no compunction whatsoever in which to participate.

Demanding "Papers!" from each commenter before they can speak/type their mind here won't be a panacea. In my opinion, it will diminish the richness of the conversation by stifling participation. Instead, the best cure may be to constantly take the high road, be an example, and graciously invite others to share the same path. You'll then be surprised just how crowded the high road can get.

Personally, albeit anonymously, I applaud your opting to continue to allow anonymous commenting. I do wish, however, others' less open blogs would, perhaps on a trial basis, open (or reopen) their blogs to anonymous commenting to see how civil many can be even when not wearing a name tag. I expect the topics discussed therein would see their discussions flourish as a result.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Stop the madness.

What? When people phone C-Span they should provide name, address, ssn, birth certificate?

Either people are allowed to express freely, or they are not. Don't claim that people are 'hiding'; that's just making baseless assumptions. How uncivil.

As usual, the "civility first" proponents are the least civil, if civility includes free expression and nurturing ideas and hopefully feeding some part of intellect without regard for the source which really levels the field (how egalitarian!).

Hey, civility applies to you too, don't be a televangelist with the civility thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that using a real name or pseudonym does not lead to more civil behavior. I think that is plainly obvious from the content of the comments by he who is at the root of this matter. Pseudonymous commenters here and elsewhere are just as, or more, inclined to use slurs and make innappropriate and uncivil comments.

And sorry, but I will not be providing personal information about myself on the internet, and I think you are nuts to do so. You've been lucky thus far that such behavior has not brought you harm. Thus far. Posting using your real name, and to the extent that you post pseudonymously but provide so much personal information so as to make clear your true identity, is a safety hazard.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous on this because I don't have a google account and it won't let me sign in any other way!!! Anyway, I think you should write about what you feel that you can write about,with the humor, intelligence, and passion we treasure.

tom berkhouse said...

Yes HD, let's not fight old fights and resurrect things from the past. But you've started a new fight (I'm the resident jerk???). The dreaded "H" word is coming to mind.

I have to say, that you play the role of martyr quite well. You say I lie, call me irrelevant, allow commenters to say that I need counseling, label me a hater, full of vitriol, and so on. We've had this "fight" before too. Just because you insult and smear people while smiling, that doesn't make you a saint. And me using strong or harsh language to express my disagreement toward you, and yes my disdain for you, that doesn't make me the devil.

In fact, most of my ire has been directed at Ken Ulman. You're a unfortunate casualty on account of you were, and still are, one of his chief defenders. You turned a blind eye to all of his lies and smears - you just can't admit it. All you could ever really say is that people were hurling accusations at him without proof. You don't always have to have a "smoking gun" to know the truth behind a situation. Who here thinks OJ is innocent?

Maybe you have a right to be upset about the big box retail post. I did in fact ASK you to explain better what your point was if you weren't referring to Town Center. Your post included a reference about big box in Washington DC, an obvious (maybe not) analogy to urban centers (cities). Town Center is an urban center (at least for Columbia which is in fact a city), whereas Snowden River Parkway is not an urban center. It's a commercial strip sure, but not a "city".

Why didn't you respond back and explain your post better? I gave you the opportunity - you passed on it, and then you go into this self-pitying, woe is me, diatribe. Just more of your games and shenanigans of distorting and twisting things.

And as for the misconception that I've been uncivil, calling someone a hypocrite, or pointing out someone's deceptions (and in some cases outright lies), does NOT make me uncivil. I never called you curse words or other things that could have easily been added. So, from my point of view, I think I have been somewhat restrained.

And for the record, I would never kick your dog, or anyone's dog. I happen to be a big fan of dogs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49 is absolutely correct. It's not safe to be identified on the internet.

So, if you value free speech, you'll avoid those sites who do not allow comments from all.

And I can understand those site owners like Cranky and the hometown site who filter comments; they feel responsible for what appears on their sites and they don't have the time to filter all so they sweepingly ban some people.

But also, I've seen them ban some very civil people who have never said a harsh word and used their real names. Quite puzzling, and the possible reasons for these bans are all unattractive (ugly?).

What's important to me is the readership, not the blogger. What is paramount is the free exchange that occurs on sites like this one and FreeMarket. Is it time for the annual blog ranking by readers?

tom berkhouse said...

Still waiting for HD to address the questions raised in previous comment.

Anonymous said...


Are you actually serious? Just what specifically do you want him to address? You make all kinds of accusations about his character, which is not something you can objectively debate without facts. I believe he explained his feelings regarding big box stores pretty clearly in his last 2 posts.

Maybe if you act with a little cvility and ask specific questions or for specific clarifications, he would respond. To state that you have been civil is laughable at best. If you actually stuck to making your specific arguments and supporting information, readers would be much more likely to take you seriously. They also would probably enjoy reading the blog comments a lot more. Unfortunately, your comments in particular are so unconstructive and incendiary that I often just skip over them, regardless of if you actually have a point in between all the accusations of lies and hypocrisy.

What specifically is your question or what view would you like clarification on?

Natalie Merchant said...

Tom, I would suggest that you drop it, because it is getting old. If you have any points to be made about zoning or any other regionally important issue, perhaps another blog will allow you to write a whole post about them.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Merchant on our local blog! Holy cow!

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