Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just nod if you can hear me...

It's that time of year…

The time when we get inundated with year-end lists. Last year, I offered two totally-made-up lists of awards (one, two)that each generated a lot of discussion.

But those were different times for me and this blog, times when pushing buttons was fun and (usually) without repercussions. Since I now try to avoid pushing buttons (at least, officially), a set of snarked-out awards probably isn't the best idea. Job security concerns shouldn't stop you, however.

So, here's your chance to generate some content on your own. (How's that for a sales pitch? "Do my work for me!") In the comments, let's see if we can put together a list of snarky, sarcastic or otherwise funny HoCo awards. Note: there's a fine line between this goal and meanness. Please try to avoid the latter.

Here are a few I thought of to get this party started:

Biggest Blog Letdown: Me, proprietor of two all-but-worthless blogs nowadays

Biggest Blog Surprise: Still can't say

Biggest Columbia Story of the Year: Strangely, the Poinsettia tree

Least Conclusive Columbia Story: The Tower

And…that's all I got for now. But if we get something going, perhaps I'll chime in again in the comments.

In case I don't get a chance to write again over the next week, everyone have a safe, happy holiday.


chris said...

Biggest Blogger Surprise that Wasn't on their Blog:

David Keelen giving Ulman a B+ for that Baltimore Sun article

hocomd said...

Biggest Blogger Surprise.

David Keelen giving Ulman a B+ for that Baltimore Sun article. I surprised myself!

I did write about it after the fact.

Mr. Grinch said...

I think this post only emphasizes how lame the blogosphere is now that you are a private dancer. Don’t get me wrong- I am glad that things are the way they are. Your talents are much better utilized by the bricks and mortar community than the online community. Looking at those prior year award posts reminded me of how, um, vibrant the blogs used to be. Now they are as vacant as the lakefront on a Monday afternoon.

The child is grown, the dream is gone. I have become comfortably numb.

hocomd said...

Mr. Grinch,

When the 2008 election season gets into full swing I think we will see these blogs become more active.


Anonymous said...

Even if some of the older ones are dying off, some of the newer Howard County blogs are actually quite good - Hometown Columbia, Wordbones, Columbia Compass. They get more in depth with local issues. And I still go to Dave Wissing at Hedgehog Report for all the polls you can find. Unfortunately, he doesn't do much Howard County stuff anymore.

Mr. Grinch said...

Gag me with a spoon. Those blogs lack the winning combination of wit, style, reasoning and depth that this blog had in spades in it’s hay day. One of those blogs in particular is an oasis of shameless self promotion. In fairness, Columbia Compass and Wordbones have some decent local content and are well focused on their niche. However, I personally find Columbia Compass to be un-engaging, and Wordbones lacks depth. Don’t take that too harshly- those blogs are good, but they are not as spectacular as this blog was. I definitely don’t want to see anyone exchange a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage, but the local blog scene is lacking.

Anonymous said...

oooo, I like this Grinch ^

A HC Blog Roast and Toast:

The Bloggest Looser award goes to hometown - without a close second

The most progress made goes to Wordbones (some would say he had nowhere to go but up)

The most bloated blog would have to be Keelan, but I don't visit his site, I'm on a diet to avoid poisons

The most backward progression goes to Hayduke - sitting on the blog of the bay, wasting tiiiiiiiime. (We still luv ya)

The most missed is the liberal guy - what's his name, Steve?

The most informative is Hedgehog, but his commenters are the worst

Most reverent: Evan Coren

The most interesting has been............Freemarket!

I'll write more if I've missed someone.

Overall, no one is talking about anything interesting whether nationally or locally.

kindest regards to the Grinch


Before the comments go any further over that fine line Hayduke mentioned, let's try to forward this glee without it being at others' expense.

If discussing lakefront activity, the "What's all the Commode-tion About" Award goes to Columbia Compass for the post promoting perma-potties being coincident with coverage of a congressman's correlated condemnation.

If the biggest story of they year award goes to the Poinsettia Tree, maybe that same Compass post from August should get the "Oops, Main Street Actually is in the Mall" Award, too.

I do think, however, the plan for Town Center and the Tower both loomed larger, both in the blogs and in reality.

Thank you to all those willing to give their time to contribute to the community dialogue. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

You want glee? Stop being a killjoy and find the humor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45 is not gleeful... Seems as though if he/she doesn't like the the opinion expressed then he/she will not read it. I am sure that they are very comfortable reading only those things that confirms his/her own notions - a sign of a CLOSED mind.

Anonymous said...

David Keelen giving the Democratic Council lead by Calvin Ball an A+ was quite a surprise. During the campaign, after the campaign, up until that point, he seemed to be no fan of Calvin Ball.

hocomd said...

It wasn't that I was or was not a fan of Calvin Ball. I was concerned that he would not be independent or relevant.

I have heard him speak prior to his appointment to council. I was impressed. I was disappointed in his initial few months because I thought he was allowing himself to be taken advantage of.

In the end the real Calvin Ball that his supporters and closest associates know emerged for all to see.

It should not come as a surprise for a person to recognize the significant contributions the Calvin Ball has made on the County Council - even it if comes from a person may readers here consider to be a closed minded ultra conservative.

What is ironic is the many commenters here profess that they never read my blog yet are the first to dismiss anything I have to say as closed minded ultra conservative bunk. Yet they believe they are open minded and I am not.

wordbones said...

Biggest Waste of a good blog name - Columblog.

Most likely to be deleted from a local blog list - Fineline.


Anonymous said...

Now, I don't agree with wb above, and I even think that what he said might cause Steve some 'ouch', but I'm not going to squalk about "let's try to forward this glee without it being at others' expense".

or worse (place clothespin on nose): "Anon 12:45 is not gleeful..."

The point was to Roast and Toast, which is exactly what was achieved. I think the bloggers can take a little Roasting, or they wouldn't be out here.

Lighten up people.

David Wissing said...

I like my regular commenters.

Where else can you get a wide range of regulars from the far left to the far right who, for some inexplicable reason, manage to get along pretty well despite their wide disagreements?

wordbones said...

I only pick on fineline in hopes to prod him back into the mix.

Jessie Newburn said...

I say three cheers to ezColumbia and the list of local bloggers published and updated regularly on the site. While is not an official blog, it's a great service, I believe, for the bloggers and the local blog readers.

Anonymous said...

Wissing- that's because you delete people who post dissenting opinions.

David Wissing said...

"Wissing- that's because you delete people who post dissenting opinions."

Huh? Obviously you have never actually bothered to read the comments on my site.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Wissing. I have never seen him delete comments.

David W. Keelan said...

I have never seen Wissing delete comments either. Knowing Dave well I know it isn't in his nature to do so. He embodies "live and let live" and "say something stupid for the world to read then you have to live with it."

So, Anonymous 9:01AM you obviously have never actually bothered to read the comments on Dave's site. You must be one of those people who pretend to be well read and open minded and just exposed yourself as a fraud.

David Wissing said...

David, technically he did not "expose" himself since he is...well...anonymous.... :)

Anonymous said...

And Wissing has a sense of humor. I'm not referring to the reference: "is...well...anon"

I'm referring to his reference to having commenters who are extremely leftist.

Actually, both comments gave me a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

How can you read a deleted comment? Wissing never explicitly stated whether or not he deleted any comments, which is unusual for someone implying they don’t delete comments.

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jim adams said...

Dave, don't you mean UNtechnically
he did not "expose" himself.
If I were a betting man, I would place my bet that both you and David know enough.

Tom said...

I was expecting so much more from this string. Alas, it turned into a dark hole.

PS All these Anons in Columbia blogs drive me crazy. People, please if you must remain anon give yourself a nickname. We won't ask who you really are.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tom, don't be naive.

And if you want something other than a black hole, say something!

Tom said...

At least in a string make yourself anon1,2,3 . . .

Anonymous said...

Per string? That's doable.

Anonymous said...

Keelan can't win. He criticizes Ulman's puffy resume and you call him partisan. He then says that the Dems on the County Council are doing a good job.

Maybe Keelan is not a partisan hack. Maybe he just expects politicians to not lie to get elected.

"If a man is dishonest to obtain a job - he'll be dishonest on the job."

Did Ulman ever release his job evaluations or say why he left his father's law firm?

Anonymous said...

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