Friday, October 13, 2006

More Resume Padding?

I'd like to take this time to bring something to your attention. Chris Merdon, councilman and candidate for county executive, is misrepresenting himself on his webpage and in forums throughout the county.

On his website, Merdon refers to himself as "Vice-President of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a Fortune 500 technology company."

Yet, when I look at the ACS website, I notice that he's not listed with the other vice presidents. And if I type "Chris Merdon" and "Vice President" in Google, I get a bunch of links but none to an official page of his employer that would substantiate his claim.

This is very concerning. I have exhausted all investigative possibilities, which leads me to believe that in fact he is not what he says he is. We cannot have a county executive who purposefully misrepresents his work experience in such a manner.

Update: It has come to my attention that Mr. Merdon is actually a regional vice president. Why can he not admit this? Why must he lay claim to full vice presidentship, when his powers only extend to the edges of an unspecified region?

I think this distinction is as important as that of "Assistant Regional Manager" and "Assistant to the Regional Manager."

I also here from a friend of my pizza delivery guy that Merdon is not a big fan of cats.

[/tongue in cheek]


dwk said...

You really don't see a difference?

+ Liaison, Board of Public Works
+ Director, Board of Public Works
+ Director of the Board of Public Works

Can you define those? Ken was a staff clerk who compiled paperwork into a binder for the Governor to review before walking into the BPW meetings. The Gov, Treas, and Comp sat and listened to each of the Cabinet Secretaries make their pitch for their cause of the week. Ken did not Direct anyone. He was a researcher. But he makes it sound like he was in charge of the Board of Public Works. The person really in charge is referred to as "Executive Secretary". I think it is a dileberate attempt to confuse voters.

Then this. Secretary of the Cabinet? Can you please define that? I can't find anything about it. We are left to decide for ourselves what it means. I must admit it sounds impressive and that is what Ken wants me and other voters to think. What I think it means is that he took notes at the cabinet meetings.

What is more - he only did these for less than 1 year.

Lets wait and see The Sun's spin on it on Sunday.

I think they will examine my question and your question (Vice President, Regional Vice President). BTW: Have you ever worked for a Fortune 500 company? Do you know about Vice President titles? Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Regional Vice President, etc. Merdon has direct responsibility over a large organization, budget, revenue, etc. He has done so for years and years.

You might think it is not important. I beg to differ.

I think the Sun will examine this to no one's satisfaction. I think it will be inconclusive. Regardless, I think my question is legitimate, and that fact that the Sun is examining the question lends support to that.

Now what about Mr. Wallis? Is he really an independent? He worked for Ellen Sauerbrey and George Bush campaigns. He was only a short time ago a registered Republican. Does changing ones affliation to unaffiliated make one an independent candidate? Really? Lets see what the Sun has to say about that question.

Regardless, they are all fair questions. If you ask about Director/Liaison it is fair to ask about VP or Independant status.

Do you want it hanging out in the ether without an answer? I don't.

So thanks for raising the question and thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

VP used to mean second banana. Nowadays, VP titles are handed out a lot more liberally, resulting in a lot more VPs for any given organization. The position formerly recognized as VP, can sometimes now be recognized only as "Senior VP" or "Executive VP".

It was explained to me that this proliferation of VP titles is both an inexpensive way to compensate people with a title and it provides a little more gravitas when dealing with folks outside the company.

So, short of seeing a complete org chart, it's hard to tell just what VP means company to company.

Perhaps, if the company is public, SEC filings would shed more light.

Anonymous said...

Just a little background on executive positions:
A regional VP is a big deal, in some companies that position has much larger responsibilities than another designated VP (say a VP of administration, who may manage 10 people in the corporate accounting group). A region may be a continent, county, quadrant of a country or a state, all large "regions." And to be a regional VP is considered a big deal, because that person is responsible for the entire success of that area, including marketing, operations,profit margings, the management and hiring/firing of many people, especially in a large corp like ACS.

Good try, but your insight on corporate management structure is weak. Your slipping back into your old habits, this was not a good argument.

I like your other comments, very intelligent, thoughtful, and thorough. You win people this way, not by taking positions where your argument is tepid.

FreeMarket said...

Re: “Your slipping back into your old habits, this was not a good argument.” By anonymous 5:20AM.

Get real dude. This post was clearly done tongue in cheek. Btw blog readers, my pizza delivery guy, who is Robert Novak, knows a county council page that received inappropriate e-mails from this person who comments anonymously at 5:20AM. And I suspect that this person’s wife is an undercover CIA agent, which is obviously why he wants to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...


I thought you were above this kind of stuff. I guess you are nothing more than a Ken Ulman apologist. What job has Ken Ulman promised you if he gets elected?

marysmith2 said...

Was it really a joke? Merdon is not above political spinning: "Against Comp Lite" but he voted in favor of each individual change.

And stop with the "Wallis" accusations, a lame attempt at balance. The guy is squeaky clean.

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Hayduke said...

My attempt at satire seems to have been misinterpreted.

Clearly this is not the time for humor.

Mary: Where have you been? We've missed you.

hocoblog said...

Satire at this time. Needed, wanted, but will be mis-interpreted. Sorry I got so sensitive.

hocoblog said...


Mr. Wallis is clean. No doubt.

Is he an Independant though? Just because he registered a few months ago as an independent does that make him an independent? He worked on Ellen's and George's campaigns and as a registered Republican.

I saw him at the forum. Nice man. Distinguished looking. Commanding voice. He was unable to tell us why he should be County Executive.

Maybe I set my expectations too high?