Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Round Up...

I’m having trouble focusing. Actually, I’m having trouble doing anything other than staring happily at the Ravens tickets that I acquired today. They’re so pretty and…mine.

I know many of you aren’t sports or Ravens fans, and that’s fine. Just don’t bother telling me how much you dislike one or both. Today is not the time for that.

Anyway, since I can’t focus and probably won’t sleep much tonight, the best I can offer is this paltry Round Up.

Let the fun begin: The task force studying the senior tax credit rolled up its sleeves and got to work this week (a lazy phrase, I know, but as I said, focusing is a problem). The star of the story thus far has to be tax-fighter Pat Dornan, who after basically calling the task force a sham, let this one go: “‘The bill's purpose was clearly to get votes. That's a morally repugnant reason to pass anything,’ Dornan said.” I agree! The only reason it passed was because no politician worth his salt (there’s another lazy one) would vote against tax relief for seniors the week before an election. I wonder who exactly Dornan blames for the bill. More here.

Always late to the party: Poor Columbia Flier, they publish this short-on-details story yesterday, only to have the Sun today fill in all the blanks. As for the content of the stories, disturbing.

Have I mentioned I got tickets to the Ravens game tomorrow?

The legal battle over Comp Lite rages on.

Finally, congratulations to Hayduke’s sister for making the President’s Honor Roll at Montana State (and for getting herself, her husband and all three dogs home safely from their trip “back east”). See if you can find her on this list.

And, since we’re mentioning siblings, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that my brother and I are going to the Ravens game tomorrow!

Ok, that’s enough.


Anonymous said...

don't jinx the ravens

MBT said...

First, condolences Heyduke - I do hope you enjoyed at least being at the game, if not the outcome.

And also, I really like that picture of the (red shouldered?)hawk! Gorgeous creatures!

numbers.girl said...

Add the recent River Hill incident to the long list of reasons my children will not be attending HoCo public schools.