Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Round Up...

So, say there's a bear that occasionally comes around your house, digs through your trash and craps all over your yard. You're a pretty tolerant person, however, and don't mind too much these intrusions, though your immediate reaction -- before taking time to breath -- is often one of anger and exasperation. Whenever you see him in the yard, which is always at night -- the only time he ever comes out -- you chase him away by banging pots and pans, but have yet to take more serious action. However, some of your neighbors, many of whom he has angered in the past, would shoot him if given the chance, or at least that's how the bear sees it (and to extent, you do, too).

One day, the normally cunning bear leaves a trail that you follow all the way to his den. Although you're sort of pleased with your cleverness in finding his hideaway, you're not quite sure whether it actually matters and you're a little hurt, as the path you had to take to find it was full of thorny bushes.

Nevertheless, the situation leaves you with, basically, three options: You can "handle" the bear situation right then and there on your own (but, as I said, you're a tolerant, non-violent person); you can tell all your neighbors about your discovery and see what comes of it; or you can keep quiet and put up with the occasional trash and bear crap in your yard, knowing that such piles are the price you pay for living in bear country.

So, what do you do?

Anyway, a few stories over the weekend warrant mentioning in a Round Up. So, let's get on with it, then.

I'd be lying if I said news of Brandy Britton's death didn't shock and sadden me. And though I agree with Freemarket that investigating Britton was not the best use of public resources and, more generally, that legalizing the profession would mitigate some of the negative aspects of the black market, the desperation and other factors that lead one to prostitution are things the State, whether through direct or indirect measures, will never eliminate.

A casual read of this story about large "retirement" packages for former county officials probably leaves the average taxpayer fuming. More reasoned analyses from Cindy V and Numbers.girl suggest such anger is misplaced.

Didn't someone recently say commercial development in the county was sagging? Evidence points to the contrary. The best quote from this story: "Surface parking in Howard County will be a fond memory." If only all such inefficient uses of land could be, too.


Timothy Treadwell said...

Some people may be able to find a hidden trail to the bear’s den, but sometimes the bear leaves a trail that is so obvious that anyone can follow it right to the den without even trying. It almost makes you think the bear wanted to be found.

Anonymous said...

Bears don't know private property vs. public property. I had a problem with deer. I put up a fence. End of problem and much easier (and more legal) than stalking the deer back to their homes.

Anonymous said...

Dude - where do you live that have bears in your yard? Is this in Howard County?

Hayduke said...

Me, I like the metaphors.

Anonymous said...

So - the Bear is a metaphor for what then?

numbers.girl said...

Hey, don't think bears don't visit Howard County.

My neighbor had a bear eating out of her cat food bowls in the back yard. She called animal control to report it, and they didn't believe her. They said it was probably just a fox or a racoon. My neighbor took a picture, drove to animal control, and proved herself right. This was a black bear, in Howard County.

No metaphors in this comment.

Anonymous said...

There may be too many posts on this blog. A topic is raised, then it seems everyone moved on to another issue.

Anyone know what the bear represents, if not an actual bear?

Paul Bryant said...

Bear in mind, this could be an animal of black or brown, or a device of poetic imagination, with rhetorical flourish

But for now it is for those who know, and for the rest,unable to untie the mystery,there will be nothing to nourish