Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just checking in...

Nothing really newsy to report today, but see the post below for an ongoing discussion about various things Town Center.

Actually, I did want to mention one thing -- something I was talking to a friend about today. Salaries. Does the Sun seem overly preoccupied with reporting every last dollar earned by the County Executive's appointments? Every story I've seen, including today's, reports these figures.

While I understand that this information is and should be publicly available, is a dogmatic insistence on knowing and disseminating it a symptom of the same problematic cultural tendencies that led to the Environmental Protection Agency saying with confidence that the value of your life is around $6.1 million, give or take? Or am I reading too far into this?


David W. Keelan said...

I think you are reading to far into it. It is our money and we should know how it is being spent. The WPost did an article a couple years ago and listed the salaries of every top county official in the region. It is public information and public money.

FreeMarket said...

Speaking of salaries, someone on one of these blogs mentioned awhile ago that the County salaries, particularly for CE, seem low. I agree with that. I can think of dozens of County residents that are 10 times more qualified than Ulman or Merdon, but they would have to take such a pay cut to take the job, why would they want too? Is it any surprise that the two major political parties can only produce 2 guys in their 30’s last year for the top county job? $150K a year is great money for a 35 year old. Not so great for a guy or gal in his or her 60’s with tons of executive experience dealing with similar sized budgets.