Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Can you help?

I need someone to explain to me what this article is saying. I understand that the county has come back with a revised proposal for western development and land preservation, but I'm unclear on exactly what they are proposing, perhaps because this is the extent of the information provided by the Sun:

The key elements would:

Prohibit properties of 50 acres or more that are zoned rural conservation (RC) from receiving building rights, or density. The county initially proposed an absolute ban.

Provide property owners an incentive by allowing them to sell building rights at one unit per 2.5 acres on property of 20 to 299 acres. The ratio would be one unit per 3 acres for property ranging from 6 to 19 acres that is 40 percent surrounded by preserved land.

Beyond that, there is just a brief recap of procedural issues and the back story, though not enough to provide any context for the proposed changes. As I have admitted, though, I don't really know a great deal about this debate. But such minor details have never stopped me from expressing an opinion before. Why change now?

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