Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Traffic troubles redux

Continuing on this story, the local residents, now known as OC-29, held a very well-attended meeting recently to discuss how to deal with the their traffic troubles. Among the attendees were:

...Howard County Executive James N. Robey, County Council Chairman Guy Guzzone, Councilman Charles C. Feaga, and all four District 13 legislators (State Sen. Sandra B. Schrader and Dels. Shane E. Pendergrass, Neil F. Quinter, and Frank S. Turner). In addition, Steve Sharar, division chief for transportation and special projects of the county Department of Public Works, and four representatives from the state Highway Administration, also attended.
Wow. That's a pretty good line up for a meeting about a pesky intersection that affects a relatively small constituency. Don't get me wrong, though. I think the residents have done a great job mobilizing, and its always good to see the public officials earning their salaries--especially those interested in pay raises.

Further down, writer Jody Vilisck, author of the always fun Traffic Talk column, provides the moral:

But this is not a story of solutions -- those are still to come -- but of how community activism can possibly change the roads on which we drive.
And the schools our children attend; the parks we play in; the government we pay for; and many other things about the community we live in.

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