Thursday, September 15, 2005

Feeling gassy?

Gas prices have gone up significantly in recent weeks, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ve long felt that we pay too little for gas considering the untold billions (trillions?) in costs it imposes on our world each year. I’m a big believer in paying the full price for something that destroys our air and water, our infrastructure, and our health. Sadly, no one has really come around to see my view on this.

Rising fuel prices are inevitable, and the recent surges in costs are only the beginning. Eventually, we won’t rely on oil for energy, and rising prices only serves to speed up the necessary innovations to wean us off the stuff. That said, I share Rev. Rick Bowers' concern for those whose lives are most affected in the short term by increasing energy prices.

"I can see a situation where a family is going to ask: 'Do I fill my oil tank? Do I fill my car? Or do I feed my family?'” Bowers said. “Which one has to suffer?”

I’m more concerned, though, by the fact that we’re fooling ourselves into a false sense of energy abundance. The better approach would be to slowly transition away from our dependence on oil (from all countries)—through better pricing and incentives—while accommodating those who will suffer the most from these changes.


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