Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm back...

...physically, in the state of Maryland, at least. My head, meanwhile, is stuck somewhere between Bozeman and Big Sky, wondering if living out there would be even half as good as vacationing. Sure, the jobs aren't as plentiful and the pay not as good, but, damn, these seem like small prices to pay to be surrounded by natural beauty in a town that's close to perfect.

Actually, the town's horrible and the mountains ugly. Why anyone would ever want to live in that dark corner of the world is beyond me. Now excuse me while I peruse the Help Wanted section of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle...

...as I suspected, nobody's hiring full-time bloggers. Alas.

Anyway, although I still kept up with the news and discussions, it was good to (mostly) get away from the blog for a week, perhaps too good. I'm having trouble rousing a desire to write about Howard County, but this, to some extent, predates the joyful detachment I felt while in Montana.

So, no HoCo stuff today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.