Friday, July 07, 2006


Although no promises were made, I though I would be able to post more than I have. Oh, w"ell, I'm not losing any sleep over the lack of posts. This is, after all, my vacation and my sister's wedding, the shower for which was tonight.

I know things are still happening "back east," many of them interesting, controversial things that make blogging fun. Instead...

Here's a guest blogging stint from my brother:

Hi, im hayduke's younger brother chris. right now hayduke is dris-unk. that's why i get to "guest blog." Here's my take on HC politics: "Think globally, act locally"
Vote for democrats because they respect people. Sometimes they dont. That's when you vote republican unless they have ties to the oil industry.
OK, that was interesting. Now, here's my mother:
The two of them just turned over the computer to me. I have no idea what they were discussing. I no longer live in Howard County, just moved to Jefferson County West Virginia (Harpers Ferry). They have a whole bunch of different political issues there, and a local activist group just managed to unseat the core of the county school board [She's underselling this election, which was far nastier than anything we see in HoCo -- ed]. So basically, the system can work on a local basis. Just so much harder to get rid of the national bastards ... Keep the faith.
Here's my wife:
(angry stare)
So, that's my family. Maybe you have a better sense of who I am, or not. If you've read this far, congratulations...and sorry. Next week, I promise, it's back to the real stuff.

For now, here's a picture from mountain biking today in Sourdough Canyon, taken with the cell phone.


David W. Keelan said...

Beautiful pictures from that "VERIZON" provided telephone.

Chris is funny. Although I vote Republican and then Democrat for the same reasons he cited. Your wife is funny too :=)

I never speak about someone elses Mother.

Yep. Lots going on. I took a couple swags at Mr. Ulman (nothing personal) while you have been gone. I need someone to keep me honest so hurry on back.

Anonymous said...

Don't blog while you're on vacation. Enjoy family and nature.

Anonymous said...

A completely unendorsed Anony-Roundup

Upcoming Event #1
Howard County's commissioned analysis of the Charette's traffic plan will be presented to the Downtown Focus group this Wednesday, 7/12, at Oakland Mills' The Other Barn, 3-5 p.m.

Anyone else concerned about the proposed road running from near Toby's dinner theatre near the river to the Rouse building, appearing to go across Columbia Association property (See pages 10 and 22), some of which appears to be protected stream buffer?

Some plans presented at the Charette even proposed putting a rail line just to the east of this new road, pretty much overlapping the river, running to a terminal at the south edge of the Rouse Building. So much for the environment...

But wait, there's more. The commissioned analysis of the Charrette's traffic plan recommends putting a full interchange in at South Entrance Road. That would consume even more protected stream, stream buffer, and wetland area.

Still, it should be asked why, if this is supposed to be a 30-year plan, doesn't the traffic study discuss in similar detail public transit solutions for the next 30 years, too?

How many boomers are going to need convenient access to public transit and how many non-boomers will be able to afford $26/gallon gas in 2036?

Upcoming Event #2
The Columbia Association will debate outsourcing this Thursday, 7/13, at their HQ, 7:30 p.m.

Anonymous said...

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