Monday, July 24, 2006

Moonday Round Up...

After a busy, briefly tumultuous but ultimately enjoyable weekend, I have a worse than usual case of the Mondays. The joys of yesterday -- Tiger’s win, Floyd Landis at the Tour de France, a new grill, and Cornhole domination -- have been replaced with the grim reality that more fun is five (well, now four) days away.

Of course, maybe it’s the fact that the countdown to 30 is officially underway.

Anyway, someone once told me the best way to get through a rough Monday is to throw on some chaps and spurs, grab the trusty lasso, and Round Up some news.

I’m not sure if they will achieve the intended results, but the Columbia Association’s proposed procedural changes sound like a good way to better reach residents and to divide responsibilities for an often over-burdened board. But then, part of me thinks that at this point, any change is a good one for CA.

The end of civility? H. Gregory Torantore, vice-chairman of the Planning Board and (apparently) all-around good guy, has left his post in favor of a more relaxing one at his retirement cabin in Virginia.

Yet more chain restaurants coming to Columbia. Not only do we have fewer restaurants than population and demographics would dictate, but in my entirely subjective analysis, those we do have are generally pretty bland, if not bad (there are exceptions). The three new ones coming to Gateway Overlook will do little to tip the balance, I'm afraid.

That's it for today!


Anonymous said...

How can *any* chain restaurant compare to a grill? Pass the kabobs.

Anonymous said...

Why is this listed as the last comment on the 'recent comments' section of your home page?