Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'd first like to wish the man behind this Howard County Blog, David Keelan, the best of luck in his run for Republican Central Committee. Although I can't actually vote for him, consider this an Official Hayduke Endorsement of his candidacy.

Second, happy Independence Day! They're celebrating here in Bozeman; the chorus of fireworks -- technically illegal in the city but available at ubiquitous stands along major roads just outside of it -- went on all last night and is poised to do the same tonight. And from the balcony of the totally jive, western Victorian Hayduke Family Compound, pictured below, I've had a front row seat.

Finally, if for no other reason then the title of this post (clearly an excuse to post a picture anyway), here's a photo of the Bridgers, the mountain range just to the northeast of town, taken near the site of my sister's wedding.



David W. Keelan said...

Thanks for the edorsement. It is appreciated.
Beautiful house and beautiful view - I am jealous.

Mary Beth Tung said...

Yes - good luck to you David!

Thanks for the photos Duke! Enjoy!

Mary Beth Tung said...

I don't know, does an endorsement from Heyduke help David Keelan in his candidacy for the Republican Central Committee? ;)

And yes, we are all still jealous of that beautiful scenery Heyduke!