Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Almost there...

Polls are open for another few hours. So, get out now and vote if you haven't already.

I've spent the day on the streets, making sure people know where their polling places are (and reminding them to vote Democratic!). Judging from the slice of the electorate I've encountered, I think turnout is going to be pretty high. It remains to see what impact the rain will have on voters -- and the campaign workers, for that matter. Right now, I'm just sore, and adding soaked to that isn't very appealing.

I'll be working until probably around 8:30, but the Board of Elections is playing it safe with results, saying they won't be posted until after 9 pm tonight. Here's the BOE results page, which you can feel free to check out in my absence. Just be sure to come back here for a well-rounded analysis of the numbers. (That was a joke...a bad one.)

I'm still not sure where I'll be blogging from tonight. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Please post your voting experiences in the comments, as Wordbones has done. I think we're all interested in hearing about what's happening around the county.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post that I don't have time to link to, I had planned on taking a picture of my polling place for some national citizen journalism experiment (and also to post here), but I was told that photography at the polls is strictly verboten. My bad.


wordbones said...


My polling place in Ellicott City was experiencing a very high turnout today.

Not sure what that means though.

I'm sure you know about the free WiFi spots in HoCo but my favorite Columbia ones are the Panera Bread stores in Dobbin Center and The Mall.


iandanger said...

The Patuxent Valley Gym was pretty empty this morning, but according to Daily Kos, Ehrlich-slanting areas are experiencing very light turnout.

Looks like O'Malley could be headed for the next governorship.

I still maintain Steele will be beaten handily, I'm just hoping Zeese got enough votes to put us greens on the ballot again in '08.

Numbersgirl said...

I don't think Steele will be beaten handily. Beaten, yes, but I think the race will be really close.

Steele did a very good job distancing himself from the Republican party and reaching out to the everyman. Was it enough to win in Maryland? Doubt it. But I think he will have a good showing.

Steele would make a fantastic senator. It's just not going to happen here.

HoCo Exile said...

I voted absentee, as exiles are known to do, but the Baltimore Co office was a beehive of activity yesterday, there was an election judge training going on.

hayduke better get on the early returns--I don't feel like resorting to msm.

Even though the polls have had the Gov election closer than the senate, I think that O'Malley wins handlily (5-8 pts) and Cardin squeaks by (1-3 pts). I'm not handicapping the hoco race (too much personal rooting interest)

FreeMarket said...

If O’Malley is good enough for Sade Baderinwa, he is good enough for Maryland. I just hope things turn out better for us.

IJustCame2StompMyFeet said...

I voted at the Savage Volunteer Fire Department at about 8:30 this morning. I was dismayed to find that they didn't even ask for my voter card or ID - although I did have to verify my DOB and address, and sign a form. But still.

I waited about 30 seconds to sign in, then was taken immediately to a polling booth. Easy and efficient.

I spoke to some VA voters at work today and discovered that the electronic voting machine I used was far more intuitive and easy to use than what they had to deal with (something about a spinning wheel....?). Scary how much the technology differs among precincts - gives the conspiracy theorists ample ammunition, and that's never a good thing.