Thursday, November 09, 2006

Work in progress...

I'm working on a longer, more meaningful post for later, maybe tomorrow. So, for now, here are a few stray links to keep you interested.

There's a lot of discussion going on about my election recap. Join the fray here.

I've been completely remiss for not linking to the Business Monthly more often. It's been a little hectic around here recently. Anyway, there are several good stories in this month's edition, including this one showing how you can have open space, agricultural preservation and profit all from the same piece of land. And all because of a developer.

I also wanted to link to Dennis Lane's "The Way I See It" column, but it doesn't appear to be online. You can pick up copies of the Business Monthly in several places around the county, though, and I highly recommended reading his piece on Page 11 of the November issue.

Finally, if for no other reason than we could use a few laughs, here's a blog I've been keeping in my back pocket for several months. It's called "The Best of the Bozeman Chronicle Police Reports" and it is basically what it claims to be. The Bozeman Chronicle is the local paper out in Bozeman, Montana, which is near where my sister lives, and its police report section is legendary for its lunacy. Here are a few teasers to make you click the link:

A woman on North 24th Avenue told police her ex-boyfriend was sending her dirty text messages. The ex-boyfriend told police he was receiving harassing phone calls from her. Both of them were told to leave each other alone.

Someone reported a suspicious man at the East Gallatin Recreation Area. The man was just enjoying the sunshine.

A teenager on Driftwood Drive was upset with his parents for making him work all the time. They also don't pay him for the chores. The boy was told to listen to his parents.
And, the obvious winner, which may be below the high standards I set for this blog but is nonetheless hilarious:
A man pooped on his father's vehicle along South Black Avenue.
Oh, the trials and tribulations of the Bozeman Police Department.


Hayduke said...

OK, I found two more that I couldn't not post:

1. A man witnessed a cat and pigeon fighting on South Sixth Avenue and took the pigeon home after deciding the fight was unfair.

2. Deputies assisted a disoriented motorist on Interstate 90 who pulled his vehicle into a ditch while wearing no pants, one sock and sunglasses at night.

Feel free to post your favorites, too.

Tanaya said...

The best one I've ever seen refered to a guy being pulled over on I-90 for reckless driving. He told officers that he was watching a porn flick on the on board DVD.

Or, maybe the best one was the guy at the corner of College and Willson naked from the waist down yelling obscenities at passing motorists. When the police arrived, he tried to hide his genitals between his legs.

Hayduke said...

College and Wilson, huh? That's just down the street from where we stayed this summer...and there was that one night when my brother was MIA. Hmm...

FreeMarket said...

The BM article you link to regarding the horse farm is written from a warped point of view. It clearly left me with the impression that this developer discovered a radical new way to make agriculture profitable. What a crock. Any professionally run farm can be profitable. My favorite quote from the article is the following: “`The biggest problem for many of Howard County's part-time gentleman farmers and dabblers is that they can't make a living off their land’, McCuan said.” Guess what- there is no such thing as a part time farmer. This person is comparing hobbyist “farmers” to the real thing. Would a rational person expect a “part-time gentleman dabbler” to be financially successful at anything?

I’d like to find the person who wrote this article and poop on his car.

alison said...

I personally liked the one about the disgruntled employee setting his poop on fire. I think I know too many construction workers-I can picture several of them doing something like this, although I don't know this particular person.

Cobblestone subdivision also happens to be across the street from us.

Hayduke said...

Freemarket: Thanks for your perspective on the story. I'll be the first to admit that those of us in Columbia could use more perspective when it comes to issues affecting the western part of the county.

Your refutation of the "hobbyist farmer not making profits" line is well taken, too. As a "part-time gentleman dabbler" in blogging, I can confirm that that I am not acheiving any sort of financial success. Perhaps I just need to start doing this full-time...