Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Final post for tonight...

Despite the confidence at Kahler Hall, I'm still not comfortable calling any races for anybody.


Things are looking pretty good for the Democrats. I know there are still absentee ballots to be counted, but as of 11:57 pm, more than 70 percent of the precincts are reporting and the local races look like this:

County Executive:

Ken Ulman: 52.84%
Chris Merdon: 42.63%
Steve Wallis: 4.50%

County Council:

District 1:
Courtney Watson: 53%
Tony Salazar: 47%
District 2:
Calvin Ball: 61%
Gina Ellrich: 39%
District 3:
Jen Terrasa: 61%
Donna Thewes: 39%
District 4:
Mary Kay Sigaty: 65%
Tom D'Asto: 35%
District 5:
Greg Fox: 61%
Don Dunn: 39%
As for the other races, things are pretty much looking like one would expect them to. Of note, however, is Jim Robey's lead over Sandy Schrader in the District 13 Senate race, which stands at 60% to 40%.

Hopefully, there will be full resolution tomorrow, though I heard on NPR that Bob Ehrlich isn't going to concede anything any time soon. What this portends for local races, I can't say.

Good night.


David W. Keelan said...

It is over. Congrats. Abstentees are statistically insignificant.

FreeMarket said...

I can’t believe how solid a victory Ulman had over Merdon when he only 80% of the votes in the primary against Dunbar, who hardly did any campaigning. I suppose the strategy of linking Republicans to Bush worked. It apparently made all the newspaper endorsements of Merdon insignificant.

Jane said...

"I suppose the strategy of linking Republicans to Bush worked."

What worked against the local republicans is their own bond with the national people. Culturally, and behaviorally they represent the same things and many voters are catching on. Now I can sleep at night.

I propose a schedule. One day of grieving for the conservatives, one week of intense election analysis peppered with light strings about books. Yes, can we talk books, now that the business at hand is settled? There's much more to be said on that topic.

numbersgirl said...

I think that nationally, Democrats, and a decent percentage of Republicans, were dissatisified with that national and international state of affairs, to say the very least.

If there hadn't been such momentum to unseat incumbent Republicans and fight for control of Congress, Merdon would have had it.

I was expecting a much much closer race than this- locally and nationally.

FreeMarket said...

“Culturally, and behaviorally they represent the same things and many voters are catching on.”

Jane, what the heck are you talking about? That sounds like rhetoric to me.

Jane said...


The claims yesterday about Ulman from the Merdon camp. You must've seen them.

In fact, their voting records are not all that different. But Ulman did not choose to misrepresent what voters can determine. Merdon heavily misrepresented his record and was called on it by the voters. If Merdon had been honest, he might have had a shot.

What do you think determined the outcome between the three? A republican president? This CE race was not about a war in Iraq.

numbersgirl said...

Jane- I agree that the CE race was not about a war in Iraq. However, the war in Iraq ticked off a lot of voters, who came out in droves to boot the Republicans.

My inkling is that a lot of those people may not have given a crap about the local races, may not have followed them, and just voted party lines.

Look how close the other local races were. Even in races where the challenger hadn't campaigned, they had a very good showing. The Bates-Miller-Osmundson contest is a good example. As is the Orphan's Court race.

FreeMarket said...

Jane, how did Merdon misrepresent his record? I must have missed that.

Another example of the Democrats getting a strong showing is the Register of Wills contest. Kay Hartleb did that job for 20 years and is ahead of a Democratic newcomer by 200 votes last time I checked.

I am sorry to see that Osmundson lost. He could have beat Warren Miller had he done more campaigning. I was really pulling for him.

Jane said...

OM Goodness, Freemarket.

No arguments from me today. Just forget I said anything.