Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Come on, people, help me out

I just read through all my posts from the last week, and I must say that you, my dear readers, have let me down. Yes, I know your numbers are small (well, borderline non-existent) and I know I'm usually not your first destination in the blogosphere and I know you're not hanging on every one of my carefully chosen words, but still, some of the spelling and grammar mistakes were just inexcusable.

The beauty of this medium, I think, is the continuous feedback loop between the writer and the readers. If mistakes of the magnitude I saw on this blog are made, clearly there is a break in the loop. Now, with my frequent updates and incisive and prescient views on matters of the county, I think I'm holding up my end. What about you?

So I'm asking that when you see grammatical errors, typos, factual inaccuracies, unwarranted criticisms, ignorant bloviating or any other lapse in my intellectual functioning, please leave a comment (if you can make your way past the French kissing tips) or send me an email at

Yes, I know I could do my own copy editing, but doesn't that require a thoroughness uncharacteristic of blogging?

Please note: The above post was an attempt at sarcasm on the part of Hayduke. He takes full responsibility for all mistakes herein, though would appreciate some help from readers on occasion, but only to a degree that they are personally comfortable with. He does not wish to overly impose on readers, and therefore agrees to at least try to present a more-finished product when posting. Finally, Hayduke appreciates those who make this blog a part of their internet universe and wouldn't wish for them to stop visiting over a sarcastic post, the intentions of which didn't translate well in the written form.


roscoe said...

I read your recent posts very carefully and could find no editorial mistakes whatsoever. I trust you'll enjoy this feedback.

roscoe said...

I read your recent postings VERY carefully and could find no mistakes. I hope you enjoy this feedback from one of your loyal readers.

Seriously though, I do enjoy reading your blogs but because roscoe doesn't live in Hayduke country (HoCo), he doesn't know much about the issues.

Hayduke said...

Thanks, roscoe. I corrected many of the previous mistakes last night and stand by my assertion to try harder.

french kissing said...

Hayduke, I am truly impressed and glad I found your blog. I'm in Alaska right now of all places, and I was lucky enough to find an internet connection on this horrifying trip to see the grandparents. Landing on your blog was just what I needed. It warmed me up with it's curious topic, helped me escape the family madness, and gave me some great ideas for my website. If you have time I could use some tips from a pro on my site, but no pressure.

Thanks for the relief... :)