Sunday, November 13, 2005

Getting their ducks in a row

Apparently, the Democrats have finally gotten together to talk about who's running for what. As I've said before, this is a good idea since beating Republicans--not each other--should be the main goal.

Also in the same story, it becomes apparent what Hayduke has felt for several weeks. Ken Ulman will run for county executive. Now, will Courtney Watson also run? Hayduke thinks so, but she's not saying. Stay tuned.

Assuming Ulman runs, his seat would open and already a couple of Democrats are lining up. Developing...

(Sorry for the Drudge reference. It's Sunday and I'm looking for crutches.)

Meanwhile, hyper-organized Republicans and their sign waving day last week get another mention in a local paper (I wrote about them yesterday but referenced the Flier's story). From the Sun's story:

While Democrats worked on their plans, Republicans lined up along Broken Land Parkway on Monday, waving at motorists from behind large signs and taking pictures of themselves as dawn broke.

"We want to show a unified front," said (county executive candidate Chris) Merdon, who organized the effort.

"Taking pictures of themselves"? I don't know why this piece of information was included in the story, but I love it! In fact, I love it so much (and I don't know why) that I went out and found one of the pictures they took.

Hey Chris Merdon (back row, third from the right), where's your sign?

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