Monday, October 24, 2005

He fits the suit...

I often think "The Brady Bunch" was well ahead of its time. There was one episode in particular that I thought about as I read this article in the Sun yesterday.

The episode I'm thinking of was the one where Greg, the oldest, was placed on the road to rock stardom because, in the words of some sleazy music producers, he "fit the suit." The suit, of course, was some glitzy, matadore-esque get-up that would turn suburban Greg into ultra-hip Johnny Bravo. True to form, Greg realized this was all about soulless commercialism and exploitation of his body measurements, and he backed out before he sold out. This show, I think, is more pertinent today than it was back then. But I'm not bringing it up to discuss the state of pop music. Instead, it seems fitting in light of the story mentioned above. To wit:

Del. Neil F. Quinter apparently never learned during his Harvard University Law School education one of the golden rules of childhood: No takebacks!

The Howard County Democrat has changed his mind about running for the congressional 3rd District and instead will seek re-election to the House of Delegates.

And he wants Howard County Council Chairman Guy Guzzone - who is running for what he thought was Quinter's vacant seat - to get out of his way.

...Quinter announced Tuesday that he is bowing out of the congressional race to fill the post being vacated by Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, who is running for the Senate. He explained one reason he decided not to seek the seat is because John P. Sarbanes, eldest son of Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes, entered the race.

...But Quinter is running without the support of his fellow district Democratic delegates.

Guzzone and Dels. Shane E. Pendergrass and Frank S. Turner proclaimed at a fundraiser Wednesday night they were running as a Democratic ticket in House District 13, sporting red baseball caps embroidered with their last names.

Pendergrass, who suggested that Guzzone run for Quinter's seat, called the Democratic primary situation "awkward."

"I'm happy to have Guy on the ticket," she said. "And I'm certainly not going to change my word on that."

And Guzzone is not about to let Quinter put his name on those red baseball caps.

"It's the Guzzone, Pendergrass, Turner ticket," he said. "We got our little embroidered hats."

Sorry, Neil, the suit (rather, hat) don't fit.

Did you honestly expect a serious take on a political issue when I started this post with a reference to "The Brady Bunch?" Come on now.

Well, really I can't resist. Here's my truncated serious take (I will reserve full speculation for the 2006 calendar year). We've got more Democratic butts than we have seats for many races in 2006. Primaries are likely, while the Republicans seem to be organizing their campaigns much more effectively. But it is still early. So, I expect the Democrats to get their house in order and channel their energy into beating Republicans and not each other.

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