Monday, October 24, 2005

New Feature: News Roundup

If you think this is an easy way for me to pontificate on a range of issues without much contemplation or writing, you're right. Here it is, the first installment of Hayduke's News Roundup (insert sound of whip cracking).

Several interesting responses to the question of what the county should do with its $20 million surplus. I am especially in favor of #4, as it seems the only one not motivated by political ideology.

The perfect storm of cynicism. Two different views in letters to the editor on whether the county council should have it's pay increased. Both the product of the cynical stance that councilmen only do their job for personal gain (which may be true).

How well is the county integrating immigrant families into our community? Tell the Sun here.

Paying homage to the FDR and the New Deal, the Columbia Association begins to look more and more like the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). I actually like this. I think our waterways are in pretty bad shape and any attempt to restore them to functioning ecosystems, rather than natural stormwater runoff channels, is A-OK by me.

Surely there's room enough in Howard County for the both of them. After all, fried food is fried food, right? Wrong. Champps is none too happy with the new Cheesecake Factory going in just down the parking lot from them. So, they're suing. And good for them.


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