Monday, October 31, 2005

Teeing it up...

Sometimes, these posts write themselves (figuratively, of course, otherwise this damn blog wouldn't be so infrequently updated--but that's beside the point).

Today's self-writing blog post comes to us from the Sun's indefatigable Howard County political correspondent, Larry Carson. His article in Sunday's edition is a cornucopia of juicy quotes, like this:

County Council Chairman Guy Guzzone, who with fellow Democrat Ken Ulman also endorsed O'Malley, said they plan to recruit volunteers and post signs at locations identified last year in the presidential run of U.S. Sen. John Kerry.

Yes, that's right, learning from Kerry's campaign last year, because we all know how well that worked. What, you think I'm being too sarcastic? Tough patooties! Here's more:

Speculation that Republican state Sen. Sandra B. Schrader could take Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele's place on Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s ticket next year is just that and nothing more, Schrader said.

"No one has approached me. It's all speculation now," she said, noting that she raised $75,000 for her re-election campaign at a fundraiser in Clarksville on Oct. 18. That's part of the $140,000 she has collected so far.

Ehrlich, along with former Gov. Marvin Mandel, attended her fundraiser, hosted by businessman J.P. Bolduc at his home - even though it was the same day a purported terrorist threat forced near-total closure of Baltimore's two harbor tunnels.

Those who attended said Ehrlich warmly praised Schrader, whose husband, Dennis, is Maryland's Homeland Security director, but never mentioned statewide office.

Good going, fellas (Bobby Gov and Dennis Schrader). Don't let something silly like a potential threat to the security of the state and its most heavily used tunnels get in the way of a $75,000 fundraiser.

Keep tossing me the softballs, Larry.

So, is this too much sarcasm? Perhaps. But I'm riding a sugar rush right now (I had no trick-or-treaters, so all the candy's mine) and am in no shape to think about supposedly serious things, like campaigns. As I've said before, I make no promises on political writing and speculation until the calendar year of the election.

Also as I've said before, I usually can't resist. So, here's my (mostly) serious take on the above items.

1. It doesn't matter who endorses whom in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. As long as a Democrat wins, the state's majority party will be fat and happy again next November.

2. I like Sandy Schrader, and I think it would be nice to see her as Bobby's running mate. Certainly, he could pick somebody much worse. I'm still not voting for him even if he picks her (or me, for that matter). Ever since Bobby Gov took office, he's had a personal vendetta against me, or so it seems, as he managed to slash state-funded programs on numerous occasions that had a direct impact on my well-being. Is this a somewhat irrational, nay paranoid, position? Maybe. Does the rational side of me care? Um, not so much. If you're really interested to know the ways in which Bobby Gov made my life miserable over the last three years, shoot me an e-mail.

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