Monday, October 03, 2005

Crosstown hard to get through to you

As I've said before, I'm a big fan of the Sun's Traffic Talk column. This week, writer Jody Vilschick has the unenviable task of explaining how to drive in roundabouts.

Roundabouts (or to the non-poetic, traffic circles) have been a theme in her column for a few months, with many writing in to offer negative feedback for these new-fangled (well, really rather old-fangled) traffic contraptions. I think they're great. No more wasted time sitting at lights pondering the futility of my existence. Oh, I'm sorry, did that slip out?

Anyway, if you're one of those who hates traffic circles, it's probably because either you don't understand them, or you're scared of other drivers who don't understand them. If it's the former, print the instructions and tape them to your steering wheel/dashboard. If it's the latter, print the instructions and hand them out to all your neighbors.

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jim adams said...

I love them, it brings back short sweet teenage memories of drag racing and jim canon races in my Vet.