Saturday, November 19, 2005


I am calling Shenanigans on Harry Dunbar. The "charrette-charade" gimmick was tired before the charrette even took place.

I am also recusing myself from commenting on the actual substance of the letter for fear of dignifying any of it.


roscoe said...

"Tired" should be "tried." I keep a close watch on this blog of yours.

Hayduke said...

I actually meant to say tired because the charrette-charade line has been used far too often in the last few months. In fact, many folks were saying such things before the charrette even began, a sad and hopeless way to approach the process. I don't think I've posted any other letter to the editor containing the charade line, so the context of my remark was lacking.
But thanks for keeping your eyes wide open all the time.