Sunday, November 27, 2005


I never enjoyed reading for my high school English classes. Whenever I read something, I approached it very literally and was often amazed at all of the symbolism my peers and teacher noticed in assigned novels--The Great Gatsby and Native Son stand out in particular.

But with age I've grown to appreciate symbolism in written works, and thus the true message of this story is not lost on me.

A sturdier pair of eyeglasses that will be more resistant to vandalism are being retrofitted on the slightly larger-than-life bronze statue of James W. Rouse, a Columbia Association spokeswoman said.

The sculpture of the visionary developer of Columbia, who died in 1996, was removed from its site near Lake Kittamaqundi in Town Center last week.

The statue's creator, William F. Duffy, who is adding the new glasses, said one side of Rouse's existing eyeglass frames were removed by recent vandalism.

"Somebody wrenched and probably stuck a lever in between the glasses and broke them off," he said. "What I am doing is putting on a stronger and heavy-duty pair of glasses in bronze."

I get it: Rouse's vision has been messed with. Literally, vandals--probably pesky teenagers--have targeted it for fun, while figuratively, someone else has targeted it for, um, other reasons. Additionally, Rouse's supporters are taking steps to preserve his vision in the face of such unwarranted tampering.

Can I get that "B" in English changed to an "A" now?

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