Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey Hangover: Done

Another f-ing holiday--food, family, friends, frivolity and football--left Hayduke needing a few days to fully recover, particularly from football-related thumb injury that left the opposable digit on the right hand a couple sizes larger than the corresponding one on the other hand. Not to worry, movement has returned, the swelling has gone down, and the overall soreness of the thumb--and entire body for that matter--has diminished to the point where at least non-physical tasks are no longer painful.

I don't feel old until I try chasing after an oblong pigskin orb for a couple of hours.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are a few new posts. Sadly, this is all for today. Several other posts are in various stages of completion, but with more football coming on the magic picture tube in a couple of minutes, I've got to go drain myself of intelligent thoughts for the rest of the day (as if I had any to begin with!).

Comcast has also not been cooperative. The internet connection has toggled between barely and not working today, which is just about par for the course for Howard County's legally protected cable monopoly. Three cheers for consumer rights!


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