Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hit it and quit...

Sorry folks, Hayduke's got a string of busy days ahead (including today) and probably won't sign on again until Sunday. And all you're getting for now is the Roundup. My advice: read it slowly, then re-read previous posts. By the time you're done, it'll be Sunday, and we'll all be happy again.

Get out your lassos, kids. It's time to rope 'em in.

The county's working on a new affordable housing program that is worthy of much more criticism than I can dole out now. Your homework is to read the story and be prepared to discuss it on Monday. Got it?

CA continues to hold down those of us wanting to dry our clothes the old fashioned way. Buggers, concerned about slippery slopes and such. Have they been out on the roads today?

All the Flier's letters to the editor described in five words or less (per letter, of course--a man can only be so brief). In their order of appearance on the page.

  • ACS's job is fighting cancer.
  • Lamest. Christmas. Gift. Ever.
  • Signing in school? Yes!
  • Previous letter-writer=bad. Ulman=good. (Since letter-writer is hyphenated, it's one word. Trust me.)
  • The Flier hates Christmas.
  • Shouting out for Rakes.
There, that was easy.

Remember this (Update: the link is bad. The quote below is from a Flier story called 'Rouse plans dramatically scaled-back Merriwether' dated July 31, 2003. You can search the Flier's archives if you need to verify--or you can just trust me.):

[then Rouse Company vice president Dennis] Miller told the board that Merriweather, which opened in 1967, was no longer profitable for Rouse.

"It is a for-profit entity and it's not producing right now," Miller said.

"It hasn't produced for multiple years."

He compared trying to make the pavilion profitable to "trying to sell ice cubes in the middle of the winter."

I wonder if he likes apples. How about these apples? Probably not so much.

By the way, I hear the futures market for ice has spiked following predictions of a colder than normal winter.


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