Sunday, December 11, 2005

Response to Hedgehog

Howard County resident and blogger David Wissing, who drops by here occasionally to comment and linked to my first post on the Rakes Coup of 2005 (a link that drove up traffic here to meteoric heights, mind you), wrote more today about the Rakes story. In his post, Wissing seemed to be responding to what I wrote about in this post about District 3 Democratic candidate Jennifer Terrasa. Here's what I said:

You’ve got to give the early lead in the district 3 race to Terrasa, who is up against Donna Thewes, for making herself known throughout the county. Local elections are often decided based on name recognition, something Terrasa seems to understand quite well.
And here's what he said:
Finally in District 3, Jennifer Terrasa, whose claim to fame appears to be a failed attempt to get a fence built around a playground in Columbia, will run as a Democrat against the former President of the Howard County Republican Club and someone I know pretty well, Donna Thewes.
He's got a point. Thewes is well known in political circles and the North Laurel/Savage area, but I was addressing the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately syndrome that is so prevalent in elections. In this respect, Terrasa, who hasn't yet lost the fight to get a fence built, has done a better job. However, the short memory endemic to politics may work against Terrasa in the long run.

Regardless, in the long run, we're all dead anyway.

Also, in the same post, Wissing notes that the Republicans already have a candidate lined up for Rakes's District 2 seat but they are not yet ready to announce anything. And he wonders if the Democrats are really going to run someone against the incumbent or if their rumblings about the party being finished with Rakes are just "hollow rhetoric." Though my inside information may not be as tight as Wissing's, I would say there's a 99.9 percent chance that there will be a primary.

Soon, all will be revealed.

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