Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Roping 'em in

A cheesy title like that can only mean one thing, time for another installment of your favorite Hayduke feature: News Round Up, YEEHAW!

Too lazy to cook (oh, right, you're too busy), here's a bizarre new establishment just for you. Don't forget, conversation included!

Happy 26th birthday to Howard County's best, and only, dinner theater, Toby's.

"At A Glance" at a glance:

· CA voted to review further a plan to better solicit input from residents. And they wonder why many residents have lost faith. Any time you need to further review a proposal that, although not perfect, essentially amounts to having a stronger dialogue with residents, you’ve got bigger issues.

· Planning board member Jen Terrasa officially announced her candidacy for the District 3 council seat, pitting her against Republican Donna Thewes. Finally, a woman to bring some sense to the council. It’s been a while.

· Crime in the county: Up and down. Brought to you by the good/bad news department.

· Police chief avoids kerfuffle and opens to the public meetings of his advisory board. Um, okay then.

Finally, I think the first item in the section deserves it’s own, non-bulleted comment. Howard County auxiliary police officer Petrus Lucas, 21, was struck by an SUV while directing traffic November 23. According to the Flier, he is in critical condition at Maryland Shock Trauma after having his lower leg amputated.

Despite his youth, Lucas is an involved member of this community, volunteering with the auxiliary and the fire department while he finishes a degree in criminal justice at the University of Maryland, and he had planned on continuing his service as a police officer. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that this tragedy does not diminish his energy or desire to help.

In the words of his mother, Margaretha, “His personality is helping people in the community…It’s just his life. It’s what he wants to do.”

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