Thursday, March 30, 2006

Headin' out...

The car is packed and the family restless. Gotta be really quick today.

First, I decided to repost my sarcastic, snarky take on last Saturday’s county executive forum, but you have to scroll down to see it. Please remember when reading it that, as much as I try to write seriously, posts like this are a reflection of my complete frustration with what passes for dialogue in politics. Our candidates are both incredibly smart guys. The fact that they seem unable to debate issues and policies is not only annoying, it’s upsetting. Come on, fellas, have some dignity.

Speaking of elections, the Flier’s on top of Columbia’s village elections, which are just a few weeks away. Included are a full list of candidates and discussions of the Wilde Lake and Harpers Choice races. Let’s hope candidates for the village board can actually talk about stuff that, you know, matters.

I’m glad to see that some letter writers had the same reaction to the Flier’s coverage of security threats at county office buildings. In case you didn’t read last week and don’t click the link, we all basically agree that Patuxent Publishing is over blowing things. But you gotta fill the space with something, right?

It may be pie in the sky, but a Metro stop in Town Center would be sweeeeeeet. Thanks to Liz Bobo for pushing to have the stop considered as part of a study of the feasibility of connecting the Green line to BWI. The study is going to cost $1 million. Just imagine what building the rail line will cost. One more really quick thought: There are already rail lines that run pretty far into Columbia, only now they serve as weed beds and speed bumps. Something should be done with them.

Have a great weekend!

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