Monday, March 27, 2006

Late to the party...again!

I can't catch a break.

Sitting at my computer this morning, I stumbled upon a new Washington Post blog, County Connections, which will be a home for short dispatches from Post reporters on the happenings in local counties, including Howard. Not wanting to upset the blogging schedule of reading in the morning and posting at night, I decided to wait.

Alas, I waited too long. Like David Wissing, I'm skeptical about the amount of coverage Howard County will receive on this blog, but I am happy to see the Post making better use of the internet and blogs to convey information.

As much as I like to gripe about the lack of attention we get from the Post and the Sun, I don't disagree with their decisions to devote more resources (read: reporters) to other areas. From a business standpoint, they have to cater to their customers, who for the Post live primarily in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties and for the Sun live in Baltimore City and County.

Our geography -- directly between Baltimore and DC -- is usually touted as a benefit. But with respect to coverage by the city news organization, it is definitely not a benefit. We do not belong to a single metropolitan area -- if such distinctions can even still be made -- and thus don't receive the full attention of a single metropolitan news source.

But, whatever, that's why we have blogs.

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