Monday, March 20, 2006

Yes, it's that easy...

I got an email today from the most recently announced Democratic candidate for the District 2 county council seat, Adam Sachs. I suppose this isn't really anything special to most of you, but it is one of only a very small number of times when a candidate has actually reached out to Hayduke -- and it's certainly the first time a candidate has included a press release and bio with the message.

As a public service to my highly-influential group of readers, here are the main issues Sachs would like to address if elected to the council (with my dime store take included):

  • Reducing crime around the older village centers -- namely, Oakland Mills and Long Reach. My take: Sounds good.
  • Producing more affordable housing. My take: I'm on board, now let's see if he does a better job at this than David Rakes.
  • Creating a vibrant Town Center. My take: Um, vibrant has become a bit of a loaded word, but I'm otherwise in support of this.
  • Enacting a smoking ban. My take: I surrendered on this one a long time ago. Just get it over with.
That's a pretty safe line up of issues, but this is, after all, politics, where safe is usually rewarded. Although I generally support Sachs' positions, I'm not ready to commit to any candidates yet (well, maybe one or two -- but I'm not saying who). More than anything, I'm just glad to see a crowded field. Nothing tells you more about candidates than how they deal with a primary.

A word to the other candidates: Anyone who reaches out to me gets one free softball post. Those who don't introduce themselves get the (73-mph) heater on the first pitch. Consider yourself warned.

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