Sunday, March 12, 2006

Homes for all...

I'm saving this one for tomorrow. It's too nice outside to spend the whole day writing. And a post on this story is going to take a while to write.

If you're reading this and it's still light outside (and not raining), stop. Now. Go outside. Take a walk with the family. Play with your kids. Work on your garden. Ride a bike. Take a tour of Town Center and envision what could be. Explore the open spaces. Practice your golf swing. Cook something on the grill. Claw your way out of hibernation. Take some pictures of budding plants. Listen to birds and frogs. Meet your neighbors. Sit on your deck and blog. Wash your car. Go fishing. Shoot some hoops. Climb a tree. Build a dog house. Destroy your knees playing tennis and/or jogging. Start the long journey back to being in "bathing suit" shape. Ponder the movements of air masses, frontal boundaries, and other weather phenomena that made this weekend great (and have the potential to make the end of this coming week..well, not so great [cold and snow might be involved]).

There is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from being a little sore and tired on Monday morning from a weekend spent doing something.

(Note to self: remember to set the TiVo to record the NASCAR race).

Yeah, I'm a commie, pinko, tree-hugging, car-hating, peace-loving, enemy-appeasing, gun-controlling, intellectual elitist liberal who watches NASCAR. You got something you want to say?

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Go Brown!