Thursday, June 15, 2006

Endorsements for all...

Now this is just silly

The Howard County teachers union wanted to endorse Democrat Guy Guzzone in his bid for a seat in the House of Delegates, but state union rules wouldn't allow it.

Instead, the union is endorsing one of Guzzone's opponents, incumbent Del. Neil Quinter, also a Democrat.
See. I told you. Now, what's the cause of this silliness?
When the Howard union submitted its endorsements to the state union, state officials denied Guzzone's endorsement. A Maryland State Teachers Association policy dictates that incumbents receive the union's automatic endorsement if the incumbents' voting record falls in line with the union's agenda, De Lacy said.

Quinter won the endorsement because 94 percent of his votes supported the union's legislative agenda, De Lacy said. Pendergrass and Turner also won endorsements with union-friendly voting records of 100 percent and 94 percent, respectively, De Lacy said.

"I argued for (Guzzone) for about an hour, but I didn't get my way," she added. "Guy Guzzone has been extremely kind to us. We want everyone to know that even though we can't officially endorse him, we're going to do everything we can to let people know we support him."

Quotes from Guzzone and Quinter make it sound like they’re both taking this well. What lies beneath the surface, I’m sure, is a whole other story.

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Anonymous said...

Well, on one hand, it's a good situation for the union, having two candidates that have served in public office to their benefit.

And, can you blame the state union for having a policy that basically follows "a bird in the hand..."? If Neil demonstrated that he's electable to that seat in a previous election and he's got a 94% record voting the union's agenda, it seems logical for the union to do what it did.

Doesn't it make sense for the union to basically make it known to legislators that if they vote consistently amenably to their agenda then they'll provide their support to those legislators in the next election?

All that said, if I walked into a voting booth tomorrow, I would pull the lever, wait I mean I would touch the proper glass LCD area and pray my vote was properly recorded and tallied, for Guy, being far more familiar with his voting record than Neil's.

Anyone have details of the 6% of Neil's votes that were contrary to the union's agenda?