Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't you just love this weather?

I’m being totally serious.

Storms like this only happens once every few decades, we should enjoy it or at least stand in awe of it while it’s here. Sure, bad weather disrupts our lives, causes headaches, and all that bad stuff, but it also helps you appreciate the incredible forces of nature.

Over 8 inches of rain in Columbia since Sunday (as of this morning). That so much moisture can be squeezed out of our atmosphere is such a short time is mind boggling, is it not? And there’s more on the way!

On a related note, combining this storm with the February snowstorm and the big rain we had last October, is Columbia becoming a “sweet spot” for precipitation? In each of the three cases, we got wetter (or snowier) than almost every other spot in the DC/Baltimore region. I know three data points does not a trend (or even a sample) make, but seemingly minor, localized phenomena can often have significant effects on rainfall rates, making it not entirely unreasonable to think there’s something about this area (topography, perhaps) that contributes to our higher-than-the-regional-average precipitation totals for individual storms.

Just conjecture.

Anyway, I just wanted to say today that, while I will try to post something everyday this week, the posts will likely be short. I’ve got a lot to do before leaving Saturday for a vacation (during which I’ll probably put up a few posts and pictures).

See post below for an ongoing discussion about growth and stuff.

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