Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Round Up: Flag Day Edition...

No intro today. Too many news items.

Tower Appeal Denied: Something tells me this isn’t the end of the fight, however. And that "something" would be the words of one of those bringing the appeal. 

Not that it matters, but: The Columbia Association Board of Directors is hosting a meeting tonight to get feedback from residents, after deciding to remove the Lake Elkhorn tot lot. Funny, I always thought there were no “redoes” in life. I guess I didn't learn everything I needed to know in Kindergarden.

PATH Recap: Discussions of the first meeting of People Acting Together in Howard, attended by over 400 people (wow!), are available from The Sun and The Examiner. An affiliation of several groups – mostly churches – PATH will spend the summer focusing on issues related to youth, transportation and affordable housing. They will present their findings and proposals at a meeting on October 8. I’m not aware of a website for the group but will post a link as soon (if) I find one.

It’s about time: As part of its effort to connect our existing pathways, Howard County has received over $300,000 from the state’s Transportation Enhancement Program, which funds non-traditional transportation projects like pathways. The first project to be built is a 4,000-foot path along the west side of Broken Land Parkway, from the southern intersection with Cradlerock to Snowden River Parkway. The path will then cross BLP and head north along the east side to Lake Elkhorn.

I say it’s about time because as I was driving by there the other day I noticed a Howard Transit bus stop on a grassy island between BLP, SRP, and an exit ramp. There are no sidewalks to this stop and obviously no crosswalks. It struck me as just about the stupidest place for a bus stop ever, and I’m glad to see this pathway will at least make it a little less dangerous for riders to catch their bus.

So long, farewell: Kings Contrivance bids farewell to the Safeway that no one – except an anonymous commenter – seemed to like.

Funny intro, predictable politics: State Senator Sandy Schrader has the style, but there’s little substance, besides the usual Democrats-just-want-to-raise-your-taxes, in her anti-Robey claims. Of course in politics, like with most things, style is what matters most.

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