Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Loose Ends...

Just a couple loose ends that wouldn't fit anywhere else...

Politics, Shmolitics (and something else): A new community group, People Acting Together in Howard (PATH), will host an event tonight at St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church (5976 Old Washington Road, Elkridge) to "talk about Howard's poor, the problems they encounter and - more importantly - what should be done about those problems." I'm intrigued by the group's mission and hope to hear more from then soon.

Also in the same article, former councilman C. Vernon Gray, who was recently in a bank while it was being robbed, is considering a run for state senator from District 13. He would face current county executive James Robey in the Democratic primary.

Finally, various commenters discuss the impact of the recently-approved smoking ban on the county executive race. Wild disagreements ensue, naturally. Ultimately, however, none of this matters, as voters will provide the real answer in November.

Site plan approved for part of Gateway Overlook, the massive pile of dirt you may have noticed at the corner of Route 175 and I-95. The approved plan allows for "a one-story, six-unit retail structure at the site" that "will be constructed on 11.7 acres and provide 133,600 square feet of retail space." As for the remainder of the 123-acre mixed-use development, final plans have been submitted for "Lowe's, Costco, two banks, three restaurants and a one-story retail building."

A series of candidate forums is coming to Oakland Mills. Sponsored by the Association of Community Services, the forums will feature county executive and county council candidates (June 14), state delegation candidates (June 28) and school board candidates (July 12). Each weekday forum will take place at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center at the Oh-So-Convenient times of 8 am to 10 am.

Centennial Park: 20 years of treasuring nature.

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