Thursday, June 15, 2006

More on the fence...

David Wissing has the best summary of the whole Lake Elkhorn tot lot fence imbroglio that I’ve seen.

Meanwhile, the Post and Flier have stories today, and the Flier’s editorial includes this gem:

Anyone who wants to know why many Columbians have little confidence in the board of directors at the Columbia Association need look no further than the board's nonsensical decision to rip out the playground on the north shore of Lake Elkhorn and move it to a site near the Hopewell pool.

The board has now spent nine months spinning its wheels on a decision that should have taken far less time.

And, it got that decision about as wrong as it could.
The editors are certainly not holding back, as they shouldn’t. The more I think about this, the more stupid it seems. And the post vote posturing from some of the board members just doesn't make things better.

Oh wait, then there’s more:
With public outcry intensifying after the no-fence decision, the board, in what must have been an outburst of either petulance or irrationality, decided to move the playground altogether, a decision that would cost many times more than it would to install a sturdy and aesthetically acceptable fence.
Petulant. That’s just about the most perfect use of an adjective I have ever seen.

At this point, CA can quell most of the outrage by building the fence. But this whole process, particularly the vote early last Friday morning, won't soon be forgotten.

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