Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Missing intrigue...

I'm a little upset that the Democrats are lacking a primary battle as bitter as that being waged by the Republicans (and turncoats) in District 5. Both of my Republican blogging peers feel very strongly about this race, with one urging party-mates to "stay on message" with a bulleted list of Wayne Livesay's Greatest Hits.

While the Democratic primary in District 4 is going to be close and hotly contested, it lacks the intrigue and visible acrimony of the fight in western HoCo. And if we let the Republicans beat us in in-fighting during the primaries, we've already lost.

And with that, I call on Joshua Feldmark, Mary Kay Sigaty and darkhorse UNcommon to turn tonight's forum into an all-out, steel cage death match.

Or at least they could start by spewing more invective. Extra points for working in a reference to Bentsen's "Jack Kennedy" quote ("I know Ken Ulman. Ken Ulman is a friend of mine. (Opposing Candidate), you're no Ken Ulman.") or even some random, poorly-placed reference to the sexual orientation of a family member.

UPDATE: I think we all hope our local campaigns don't come to this (I highly recommend watching the accompanying video).


hocoblog said...

Seriously, District 4 is a rather tame group of candidates.

Evan said...


I hope that was sarcasm :) Seriously the last thing we need is for the Dem primary in District 4 to get uglier. That race will likely be decided by less that 100 votes. What more excitement do you need? I hope both stay focused on the issues.