Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Round Up...

I’m leaving the poll open another day. I’m not sure how often people read this blog, and in order to give the non-daily readers an equal voice, I’m going to keep it open until tomorrow around this time.

Note: This has nothing to do with the current vote tally (which I’m not even sure of, to be honest). It has more to do with the fact that I unexpectedly got the company tickets to the O’s game tonight and how can I turn down a chance to watch mediocre baseball on the hottest day of the last four years?

While I really don’t care which of the two options I presented comes out on top, those are the only two I’m considering; as pretty and well organized as the Wordpress blogs seem to be, I don’t think I have the time to transition to a new platform (but I will look into it more).

Now, then, onto the Round Up:

The Examiner’s lead paragraph from this story: “The Columbia Association stands to earn a lot of money from the redevelopment of its downtown into a 493-acre urban center.” Maybe I’m misreading it (or over-reading it) but the story makes it sound like Town Center development is an unqualified good for CA. (“Look at all the money they’ll be making!”)

In fact, here’s a comment from a Columbia resident: “That’s good for [developer] General Growth and for Columbia Association staff. It gives them more power.” So, we’re comparing the millions General Growth stands to make with the additional “power” CA stands to gain.

What about the fact that CA -- already burdened by debt -- will have to provide thousands of additional residents with the amenities all Columbians expect? Will they have to build a pool? What about pathways? What about a new community center, since the current Town Center location is well away from the heart of the village at Oakland Manor?

If future residents of Town Center pay the same “3 cents on the assessed dollar” of their house (that’s from the story, it is actually 68 cents per $100, or 6.8 cents per dollar) to CA, don’t they deserve the same level of amenities?

In reality, CA isn't gaining more money or power. It's gaining more obligations.

Council passes all four zoning bills. Nothing to add.

In the crowded District 13 delegate race, candidate Nina Basu is making a name for herself by actually, you know, proposing something (and something I support: expanded use of earned income tax credits).

Since I’m writing about this race, here’s my chance to show you this funny picture taken near my house.

Endorsements for all, indeed!

Navel gazing: This month’s Business Monthly has a story entitled “Bloggers and Grassroots Organizers Deliver Power to the People.” Sadly, it’s not yet on line. But here’s my contribution regarding the forum created by blogs: “Responses can’t be compartmentalized in one framework or another. They offer a diversity of opinions that wasn’t available in one place five years ago.”

Is it just me, or when your spoken words are transcribed, do you think you sound like a putz? I swear, from now on I’m going write out everything I want to say before I actually say it.

Finally, I had no idea Bill Clinton reads this blog...


Nina Basu said...

Thanks! The article actually missed one big point - the in-state administration of the EIC program (like in Minnesota), which would ease the sharp phase outs of the Federal program.

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