Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Round Up...

On one hand, this post could be seen as entirely pointless. On the other, it's all about point(ing).

With only a small amount of time available for blogging this evening, I was inclined to not post anything. But the post-or-die mentality that infects all bloggers was too overwhelming. So, here is a list of HoCo-relevant stories worth reading, as if you, a reader of this semi-obscure website, couldn't find them on your own.

WaPo looks at voter registration and finds many Howard Countians are eschewing parties in favor of the Big-I. What does it mean for this election? Considering Ehrlich carried the county in 2002 and Kerry did the same in 2004, who knows? More background here. Also, let me know what your voter registration card says in the sidebar poll.

Plan for energy co-op OK'd by Public Service Commission.

The Flier/Times profiles the primary races for the District 2 council seat. Democrats. Republicans.

Howard County's sheriff deputies endorse their boss's challenger. I wonder if things are a little uncomfortable at the office now.

At a glance: Wallis is on the ballot, BRAC committee to hold its first meeting next week, African American Coalition endorses candidates in primaries, HoCo's Madame to sit before a jury, and some other stuff.

David Wissing breaks down candidates' war chests. Governor. General Assembly. Comptroller. Attorney General. He promises county executive and council races soon. Let's hold him to it!

More substance and style tomorrow!


Dave Wissing said...

It'll be up tomorrow, whether the MD Board of Elections gets around to posting the campaign finance reports or not....

mary smith said...

What is the date for the blog forum?

Hayduke said...

About as firm a date as I can give you for the forum is sometime in October. Stay tuned for details!

Bruce Godfrey said...

Hello and good evening - I just wanted to drop in and congratulate you and the other Howard County bloggers for what the Sun said in tomorrow's edition. I write out of Reisterstown on Crablaw Maryland Weekly from a center-left perspective (more center on economics, pretty left on social issues.) Best wishes for continued success and I look forward to reporting on the joint election reporting/forum that you will be organizing.


Bruce Godfrey